Wu lamented the impermanence of life, but the Internet rejoiced

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Wu, 51, posted a video of himself on social media on Feb 4.Nicky Wu was in ski gear when it became clear that he was skiing.Judging by his attire, Nicky Wu considers skiing a hobby.In the equipment, Nicky Wu is very careful, dressed up well, a very professional look.In the first half of the video, Nicky Wu is graceful and light on the ski. He shows the netizens all kinds of handsome and handsome movements and constantly unlock the difficult skills. It is surprising that Nicky Wu is still a skier despite his success in his family and career.In a flash, Nicky Wu flipped his car.Maybe it was too fast to stop.Perhaps because the 720-degree roll Angle was too large, Wu landed on a cartwheel in the snow, prompting laughter from netizens.Nicky Wu sighs: Life is really impermanent ah!After the fall, Nicky Wu joked to himself: ‘It was like snow had arranged it.’Since his marriage, Nicky Wu has shifted his focus to his family and has been enjoying a life of leisure.After having a baby, Nicky Wu has a white picket fence.Nicky Wu is a man of all things.Not only is he accomplished in singing, but he is also recognized by the audience in acting. As a producer, he is talented, and as an entrepreneur, he has made a lot of money over the years.At the same time, our thunderbolt Tiger Nicky Wu is also very talented in sports.As a taekwondo fighter, he has participated in many big competitions and won many awards.Nicky Wu’s first love is the big beauty Vivian Hsu, later, and CAI Shaofen, Ma Yashu have talked about love.Sadly, they all came to nothing.With Liu Shishi because of the drama of love, finally have a love crystallization.When Liu shishi co-starred with Nicky Wu in “Bu Bu Jing Xin,” she had just broken up with Mingdao.Nicky Wu filled the gap between Liu shishi’s failed relationship.Nicky Wu, like a big brother, takes special care of Liu shishi.Gradually, Liu shishi developed a liking for the Taiwanese man.The marriage, with a 17-year age gap, has not been viewed favorably by outsiders.In spite of this, the two are still madly in love.This marriage, Liu Shishi is lucky to meet a man who spoils her so much;Nicky Wu was even luckier, with a fairy wife 17 years younger.Today’s Liu Shishi, Wu Qilong put life into poetry, the daily necessities into love, the life of trivia into fun.The family has money and yan, patted fashion blockbusters carefree life, the family boon conjured love, life is not comfortable.