Power for the Black Eight miracle?Shaquille O ‘Neal revealed the lakers want to play phoenix in the first round of the playoffs

2022-06-19 0 By

The lakers lost at home to the defending NBA champion Bucks, 116-131, by a narrow margin, but in a game of desperation in which the lakers had nothing to do with the other team, were almost slaughtered and left to the floor.The lakers improved to 26-29, remaining ninth in the Western Conference, 4.5 games behind the sixth-place Denver Nuggets, and, to be fair, facing a second straight playoff berth in the unlikely event of a top-six finish.The lakers’ journey from preseason championship fever to the play-offs has been remarkably similar to that of last season, which was hampered by injuries to Lebron James and Davis, and this season, even if the entire team is just as vulnerable.West 9 ranking for the lakers to win is a shame, but just before today’s game against the bucks, legendary team center shaquille o ‘neal was revealed in the show a surprising news, he said: “I find out, from inside the organization, a very authoritative sources said the lakers to their current western (9) are satisfied.They’d rather play phoenix than Golden State in the first round.”Given o ‘Neal’s relationship with the Lakers, the news isn’t out of nowhere.This news certainly gives the impression that the Lakers have reached the point of lying down and not trying to make progress, but the fact is that the lakers have been unable to do anything about it, everything has been tried, the results are not good, and the possibility of a big change by trading westbrook is almost impossible, so it is better to accept the current ranking.Second, the lakers would rather have touch the sun at golden state strategy is right, after all the warriors of the system is mature, the squad depth is too enough, single is the frontman, wiggins, green, Thompson, iguodala including the library, which is a defensive force, and green, Thompson and iguodala dealing with old zhan is experienced,How are the lakers going to play with 37-year-old James being subjected to this kind of attrition?Davis is an absolute advantage for the Lakers against the Warriors, but because the Lakers have so little space, the Warriors can safely double Davis and make him no dominant player.The offense was limited and the team had no defense at all, leaving the lakers at the mercy of the Warriors.The lakers might have something to dream about if they were up against the SUNS.After all, the SUNS were a relatively one-dimensional team, and the lakers had a 2-1 lead in the first round of the playoffs last season, which would have been possible had Davis not been injured.And this year, if Davis stays healthy, do the lakers have a chance at revenge against the SUNS?Is there any chance of a black eight?Let’s just say it’s a possibility, but it’s almost negligible.First of all, the lakers are not the lakers of last season, kuzma, Pope these quality 3D is no longer on the court.Second, the SUNS are not the same team they were last season. After the trip to the finals, the team’s temperament has changed, not last season’s team without playoff experience.For the Lakers, choosing between phoenix and Golden State is like choosing between two glasses of poison, choosing phoenix over the less toxic one.