Clinical fellow patients (Micro theory)

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The patient lying in the next bed was indeed a “big brother”.– A tall man with a loud snore and loud voice.”Eldest brother” 1.9 meters in size, but also a “general belly.”If he strolled up to the window of the room, the sun would suddenly go out of the window.If he was happy to stand at the door of the sick-room, you felt that the wind that came into the room was suddenly shut out;When he passes by you, a shadow instantly covers your body.Photo from the Internet “Big Brother” sleeping snoring, shaking the whole building.”Last night, there was a patient next door who snored so much that I couldn’t fall asleep most of the night!”In fact, “big brother” was still far away from him, several floors away.When he was free, he lay in his hospital bed and groaned, “MMM, MMM,” in a voice that sounded less painful than the grunt of a feeding bull.Big Brother was free in the ward.Often talking on the phone as if no one was watching.When walking, always put the slippers rubbed squeaking, wears doesn’t flush the toilet, to adjust the size of the TV sound, loudly dozen satisfied ge, toilet, ward by smoking, even if the person of ward fumigated constant cough also can’t ignore, accidentally “well -” clipped a burp, often scared by the patients of the entire room.”Big Brother” is a little lonely.In a long hospital stay, only two visits.Once there was a young woman with a little boy. The boy called “Big Brother” Grandpa.By this time, Big Brother looked kindly and much quieter.”Does it hurt?” asked the young woman.”Eldest brother” answer: “pain arrive is not painful yo, be to wait for a doctor, nurse very angry!”He looked so gentle, so different.After the young woman walked, “eldest brother” and unscrupulous “HMMM, HMMM -” ground cow hum, the whole room immediately filled with “eldest brother” breath.Another visit to “big brother”, is a short vest tattooed youth, carrying a few bags of food, and “big brother” after a few greetings, and “big brother” in the hospital bed happy.At the moment, “big brother” no longer make other noises, one hand to catch a whole pickled pig feet, the other hand holding a bottle of large cans of beer, “crunch, gudong gudong” to eat, drink, chat.When Big Brother opens his mouth to reveal two smoke-blackened fangs, he looks like a villain from a thriller.After a while, a few bags of food immediately swept away.Wait for tattoo youth to leave, “eldest brother” lie back to the hospital bed, and start “mm, mm -” ground cow hum.Clinical patients out of the ordinary, between the extraordinary, people do not know why.