Cats are willing to let you touch these “secret” things, proving that “not in vain”

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Is your cat on good terms with you?You can see if your cat is willing to let you touch some of these “secret” items, and if so, prove that you have not been raising them for nothing.”Belly” belly can be said to be a very fragile and sensitive part, the general cat will protect their belly, do not let others touch, but if your cat is willing to expose the belly, give you touch, it proves that it and you have a good relationship, the cat trusts you, to you will not hurt it.If I don’t give you a touch, you’ve wasted it.”Meat pad” the cat’s meat pad soft, also very sensitive, is not to strangers casually touch, a touch it will shrink, but the cat and you have a good relationship, it is very willing to give you touch, let you rub a rub will not be angry, the cat did not raise in white!”Tail” cat is very hate other people pull its tail, because it may be pulled accidentally, the cat’s tail can keep balance with it, is an important part of the cat, so the cat is willing to give you touch, it loves you, also trust you, willing to give you touch the tail.”Cat cub” after the children some wild cats outside looks unfamiliar cat, will hide children, not to let people find, so the cat’s nature is to protect our children, if the cat was born after the cub, willing to touch to touch to you, but will also give you active diao to cub, prove that cat you as master, your reigns supreme, also prove that the cat really trust you,You didn’t keep it for nothing.”Cat toys and treats” Cats’ toys and treats are very important and important to them, so they hide them from others. So if your cat is willing to give you a touch of their toys and treats, they will invite you to play with them, which shows that you have not raised them for nothing.If it won’t play with you, you have to wonder why.When playing with your cat, remember to reward your cat with tasty snacks for a better relationship.Recommend this “greedily freeze-dried chicken”, made from chicken breast meat, without adding meat powder, taste good, nutritious and delicious, the particle size is appropriate, not only can grind teeth clean teeth, but also can be used in cat training reward, is a very healthy cat snack!”Cat food” Cats think it is important to eat, drink and be merry, so cat food is very important to them. It is related to their health and life, so they will not be easily touched by others. However, if a cat treats you as its owner, it will not meow at you when you touch its cat food, it means that the cat has not been raised in vain!Xiaobian here to remind, is to choose the cat food for the cat is best to feed some good nutrition, high meat content, recommend this “wonderful repair cat food”, select a variety of meat, high meat content, 86% animal protein source, and balanced ratio of meat and vegetables, more nutritious.And this cat food, received a lot of people’s praise, public testing report and raw material suppliers, quality is guaranteed!Conclusion: What is your cat willing to touch for you?