Can low guarantee door pay social security?Can be cancelled after pay low keep qualification?

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Introduction: Many people know that the audit requirements of subsistence allowance households are still very strict. Under normal circumstances, the monthly per capita income and actual living standard of subsistence allowance households must be lower than the subsistence allowance standard of the city before they can meet the application conditions for subsistence allowance.So recently there are also a lot of low security friends asked me, if it is low security households can pay social security?Can be cancelled after pay social security low guarantee qualification?Talk with everybody below specific about the thing of social security of low safeguard door pay.First, can the subsistence allowance households pay social security?The answer is certainly yes, but only to pay the social security of urban and rural residents. We know that at present China’s social security is divided into three ways of payment, one is enterprise workers, one is flexible employment, and the last one is the social security of urban and rural residents.For subsistence allowance households, because of the minimum standard requirements for monthly average income is relatively strict, if the payment is the social security of enterprise workers, it proves that there is a job to meet the daily life, so that no longer meet the conditions of subsistence allowance households;Flexible employment, however, requires the payment of individual and national pooling, and the amount of contribution is generally high, so it does not meet the standard of subsistence allowance families.For urban and rural residents social security, in the years to pay the payment of fees are generally low, the state will pay for low-income residents pay social security has certain preferential policies, so for low-income residents, urban and rural residents pay social security is entirely possible, will not be disqualified from low, old age is also a kind of security for us.What are the policies for low-income households to pay social security for urban and rural residents?For us, in fact, the most useful insurance is nothing but two, one is endowment insurance, which is what many people call social security;Another is medical insurance.To low protect door will tell, cure oneself and endowment insurance are ok separate pay.That is to say we can pay endowment insurance and not pay medical insurance, also can pay medical insurance only, but not pay endowment insurance, this point and enterprise worker social security has very big difference.To solve the problem that personnel of majority low guarantee looks down on illness, so a lot of land cities put forward the policy of insurance of free pay medical treatment to low guarantee door now.That is to say, we often know our urban and rural residents in health care includes individual pay part, there are certain government subsidies, as we see the future reimbursement, but if we are low-income residents, individual to pay part will be borne by the government, so that we in the future is in hospital, can also enjoy the benefits of hospitalization expenses,Can relieve our economic pressure to a great extent;Will tell to urban and rural dweller endowment insurance, be about to combine our individual circumstance voluntary pay.Because of itself low protect door every month government can give certain allowance to offer our daily life to use, so at present besides very few city can have government to protect door acting outside capture endowment insurance, most cities still adopt the principle of voluntary pay.Of course, we also know that the audit of subsistence allowance households is now more strict, a little unqualified will be cancelled immediately subsistence allowance qualification, so suggest capable friends or pay, how much to our old is also a guarantee.Last but not least: for subsistence allowance holders, there is no need to worry. As long as they pay the urban and rural resident insurance, they will not be disqualified for subsistence allowance.As for medical insurance, most cities will pay for the low-income families, so we are not worried about it.In terms of supporting the aged, it is suggested that the qualified people still pay as far as possible, so as to have a more reliable guarantee for our old age life.There are questions about low – income households and so on, welcome to leave a message.For more exciting content, come to understand the workplace