Nanning: Experience “flying snow all over the Sky” happy and auspicious to welcome the New Year

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“I didn’t expect to experience ‘flying snow’ in Nanning during the Spring Festival, it’s so interesting!”Nanning Fangte Asean god painting to create the bears haunt the snow land for tourists to shout.On the first day of the New Year, Fangte Asean god painting in Nanning opened the “Fangte Auspicious Year – Exploring Southeast Asia” New Year theme activity, 15-day wonderful activities for the residents of the New Year to provide more rich experience of playing in the New Year.Hongyun Town in the scenic spot is a small town combining Spring Festival folk culture and Southeast Asian culture. Colorful Vietnamese water drop lanterns decorate the park with a full taste of The New Year. The “Fu Lu Longevity” theme exhibition and family photo area make visitors feel happy and happy.In addition, the scenic area has upgraded the South Asian food street, the Spring Festival parade starts happily every day, and the amazing drone performance “Sky Lantern”.During the Spring Festival, the park extended its business to 20:00, and 42 theme events were open for extra hours.On the same day, tourists in Nanning Garden expo garden balloon flying house and Shenyang garden also experienced a floating “snow” landscape, visitors close experience “flying snow”.During the Spring Festival, the scenic spot carried out the Spring Festival series of activities of “Folk Festival, Spring Festival and Spring Festival”, and launched six special activities, such as folk parade, Spring Festival artistic performance, small theater performance, folk fun experience games, online celebrity punch point, and cute pet feeding. Through various forms of performances, flash parade, garden activities, etc.,Let you perform objectively, enjoy folk customs, enjoy interaction, make cute pets, take beautiful photos, qi happy and harmonious.During the Spring Festival, various museums in The city organized a series of colorful activities through the combination of online and offline methods, and presented a rich Spring Festival cultural feast to the public.The melodious tianqin, the high-pitched maguhu, the melodious one-stringed qin…On the first day of the Chinese New Year, an ethnic art performance titled “Tiger Gives Birth to Happiness” was held in the main building of guangxi Ethnic Museum in Guangxi, Feb 1, 2018.The performance combines traditional folk music with modern arrangements, bringing audiences an elegant audio-visual enjoyment.At 9:30 on the same day, the curator of Nanning Museum waited at the entrance of the ticket checking, and gave the first 10 visitors a New Year gift package and New Year wishes.The New Year gift pack contains many practical and fun cultural and creative products, so that people can enjoy the traditional Chinese New Year customs and feel the rich cultural atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, “Anhe Changle — Lucky Cultural Relics Exhibition” was held in Nanning Museum.In order to match the exhibition content, Nanning Museum launched a series of activities such as rubbing auspicious patterns, the year of the Tiger in search of “happiness” tour, how many auspicious cultural relics know.The program list of 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala is here, please collect it!2. Celebrate the Year of the Tiger and enjoy the time together!3. Nanning Spring Festival Weather: Cold is the main tone!The rain before the second day, the third day to the fifth day cloudy, the sixth day of rain reappearance source | Nanning daily reporter Mo Lanyuan editor | Huang Fa proofreading | Wu Xi Xi third trial | Lu Bin Chen Manyun Nanning daily new media produced by the original author all rights, if there is infringement, please contact delete