Joe Biden is the worst president in US history. Civil War could start by year’s end

2022-06-18 0 By

World politics as a whole is notoriously messy at the moment.Among them, the related problems in American politics have attracted the attention of all countries in the world.This is also due to the position of power. After all, the US is so influential that changes in its domestic politics will affect the rest of the world.In this case, the biden administration’s internal and external troubles have been seen by the world.In a country where politics has been largely dominated by Democrats and Republicans, the events on Capitol Hill brought to light the fraying of American society.It’s also disappointing the American people.But did not give people surprise after biden took office, but the bigger disappointment, Afghanistan so far no solution, the Iranian nuclear talks have stalled, in addition to this, now America’s image in the international community to plummet, become the largest “funnelled” in epidemic prevention and control, according to relevant information, in the current domestic existing confirmed new crown cases have more than 27 million cases.In recent days, the latest national polls have surprised the world by giving up on Joe Biden.Biden’s approval rating now stands at 33 percent, the same as Trump’s when he left office, but at 38 percent a year into his presidency.That comparison completely lost Biden.America couldn’t sleep this time because Joe Biden became the worst president in American history.This comes at a time when polls seem to show americans are in the mood.And according to the latest polls, Trump is still far and away the front-runner among potential candidates for the 2024 nomination.Of the eight candidates currently in the race, Trump is beating all of them with 57 percent support.Especially in the face of the current mess in the US, Trump added fuel to the fire, holding relevant rallies to criticize the biden administration’s related actions, because the more chaos in the US, the better for Trump.Many of Mr Biden’s campaign promises turned out to be empty, angering the public.But by this time the news that the American Civil War might start by the end of the year had spread around the world, and world opinion was in an uproar.Bad news for America recently, Spanish website Globo published an article about the American Civil War.This leads to the statistic that 36 percent of the population think that “the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force,” effectively indicating the possibility of civil war.After all, the battle between Democrats and Republicans has become increasingly bitter, and a large portion of the American public is convinced that the loser in 2024 will provoke riots.