Is this what the new Lynk 03 looks like?

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently, Lynk & Co applied for the patent drawing of interim modification 03 in the State Intellectual Property Office, which also indicates that Lynk & Co 03, which will be listed in 2018, will soon usher in the interim modification.According to the patent drawing, the front face of the new LYNk 03 has changed a lot. The raised daytime running light on the cover is still retained, but the external transparent lampshade is cancelled, instead of two independent raised light belts.The central rail is thinner and longer, and the headlights on both sides are smaller.In addition, the vehicle also made a similar mouth under the surrounding shape, looks very exaggerated.The rear of the car uses the energy crystal shaped through the taillight, there is a small tail above, under the surrounding is very exaggerated, exhaust is a bilateral single oval design.In addition to the regular version, the high-performance LYNk 03+ has also applied for a new patent picture, with a more exaggerated front and rear surround, and added side skirts and four exhaust.It’s worth noting that the new LYNk 03+ will have an electric lift rear wing, so the rear wing will be quite hidden by default.After the patent map declaration, domestic users according to the patent map drawing rendering, how to say……Always feel a little familiar ~ by contrast, cash link 03 even looks more pleasing to the eye……As for power, it is rumored that the new LYNk 03 will use a locally developed 1.5-ton four-cylinder engine to replace the current 1.5-ton three-cylinder, and it is unclear whether the 190-horsepower 2.0t engine will remain.The high-performance 03+ will continue to use a 2.0T engine with an 8AT transmission and all-wheel-drive system.As for the specific release date of the new car is still unknown, interested friends can keep watching.Do you think the mid – term modification of the Lynk 03 looks good?