IQOO 9 series, a popular spring purchase model, not only has strong performance, but also has all-round performance

2022-06-18 0 By

The Arrival of the Spring Festival has recently become the peak period for consumers to buy a new phone.The #iQOO 9 collection is worth keeping an eye out for flagship shoppers.This model was released in January this year, it uses a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, more high-quality E5 screen, 120W super flash charger, unique display chip Pro and other powerful configuration, is a top performance, quality balance flagship product.The iQOO 9 series includes iQOO 9 and iQOO 9 Pro models.Both models are equipped with an E5 ultra Retina display, while the iQOO 9 is designed with a face to face display that provides a more complete front view for mobile gamers.The iQOO 9 Pro comes with a flexible, curved screen that takes the parameters to the extreme, including 2K ultra hd resolution, 10bit color depth, and 120Hz high-brush options.The use of the Samsung E5 luminescent material gives the screen a global peak brightness of 1000nits.The screen provides a finer, smoother display, and peak brightness makes for a clear screen view even in bright outdoor environments.The iQOO 9 Pro is the new KPL official game console and has been recognized for its top game performance.This phone uses a dual X-axis motor, enclosed stereo double lift, double control under the screen pressure sensing, constitutes a new upgrade of the “total sense control system 3.0”, in the game experience to provide a comprehensive bonus.The new generation of Snapdragon 8+ Exclusive display chip Pro is equipped with powerful performance, enabling mobile phones to cope with the smooth operation of most mobile games. Exclusive display chip Pro also supports “frame rate enhancement mode”, which can upgrade games with low frame rate to a smoother 120-frame screen, providing players with extremely smooth visual experience.In addition to its top-notch screen performance, the iQOO 9 Pro’s video capabilities are equally outstanding.The phone is powered by Microconsole’s dual flagship master camera system, which includes a 50 megapixel large background master camera, a 50 megapixel 150° fisheye ultra-wide Angle lens, and a 16 megapixel telephoto portrait lens.At the same time, Samsung GN5 sensor is adopted for the first time, which greatly improves the camera’s dark light shooting performance and focusing performance.This main shot is also combined with the micro platform 2.0, the addition of this anti-shake technology, for night photography, long exposure shooting and motion capture, have brought varying degrees of improvement.IQOO 9 The two phones in the ProiQOO 9 series differ in configuration and positioning.IQOO 9, with its straight screen design, has better game performance and control experience, which is suitable for mobile gamers and other groups.IQOO 9 Pro is more comprehensive and balanced, and its top-notch visual performance and video performance can meet the needs of many high-end users.You can choose these two models according to your preferences and needs.