Apple overestimated itself, iPhone SE two big news

2022-06-18 0 By

Apple’s spring 2022 event is undoubtedly the biggest product is the iPhone SE3, at that time both industry analysts and data research institutions are very optimistic about the prospects of this model.After all, the last two iPhone SE models each shipped an average of more than 25 million units, but the reality is less rosy.On March 28, there were two pieces of bad news about the iPhone SE3:According to the previous news of iPhone SE3, Apple’s shipment target of 25 million to 30 million units, now has been lowered to 15 million to 20 million units, a short period of time shrank by 1000Media reports say the global smartphone market is tightening due to uncertainty.Apple is preparing to reduce the production capacity of iPhone SE3, the overall reduction of red about 20%.This phenomenon can only tell that the market is not friendly to iPhone SE3. Frankly speaking, iPhone SE3 is not well received by the market, and the overall sales are not good.If the market reaction is hot, there will be no analyst lowered iPhone SE3 shipment target, and Apple is ready to cut the overall iPhone SE3 production capacity by 20%.Consumers are becoming more objective and rational, even if their brands are as influential as Apple’s.If its products don’t live up to consumers’ expectations, they will still be obsolete.As with models like the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13min, apple had to drop the line after two generations of poor sales.IPhone SE3 is the same, this is 2022 a non-full screen phone, a single camera phone, a screen so small phone, Apple dare to sell 3499 yuan to start.And relative to the previous generation or price, for normal consumers will certainly enter 128G version, but the price of this version is close to 4000 yuan.Android phones at the same level really smell better with 4000 yuan, and you can get 4000 yuan plus iPhone 12.