Another president is in jail, arrested just 20 days after leaving office, and the US is demanding his extradition

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In 2016, former Honduran President Rafael Callejas was indicted by the United States for alleged corruption during his time as head of the country’s football federation.A few years later, surprisingly but not surprisingly, another former president was in prison.Former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was arrested At his home in the capital of Honduras On Monday, the Honduran daily La Stampa reported Thursday.It comes just over 20 days before his term ends in January.The U.S. charges Juan Orlando Hernandez with three counts of drug-related offenses: unlawful introduction of a controlled substance into the United States, engaging in the production and distribution of a controlled substance, and using or assisting in the use of a firearm in support of drug trafficking.Meanwhile, the United States is demanding Honduras extradite the former president to the United States.More than half a million kilograms of cocaine have been shipped from Honduras to the United States since 2004, according to the U.S. Embassy.In fact, Juan’s arrest was foretold.Back in March last year, Juan’s younger brother Tony Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison in the United States, also for mass drug trafficking and firearms charges.According to prosecutors, Toney shipped a huge amount of drugs into the United States, more than 185 tons of cocaine alone.Naturally, Tony that expensive for the president of the elder brother has also been included in the suspect object, the United States prosecutors believe that brother Tony’s transnational drug business is inseparable from the brother’s support, and even brother through the younger brother to receive millions of dollars of bribery, in addition to personal spending, and consolidate power, win elections and so on.In other words, the United States believes that his brother’s political rise was fueled by drugs.In addition, a leader of a Honduran drug cartel confessed to bribing the president $250,000 in exchange for protection from extradition to the United States.Ironically, according to Reuters, the U.S. government considered Juan an important ally in Central America during his eight years in office.However, Juan was arrested but did not do anything to resist, said that this is a drug cartel plot.Although the official arrest warrant was issued on The 15th, there was talk of the arrest of a Honduran politician as early as the 14th or even earlier, Reuters reported.More than 100 police officers were on standby near Juan’s house, according to Reuters news agency, citing witnesses.Many people are also concerned about whether the EXTRADITION of the Honduran president by the United States is a bit of “long-arm jurisdiction”.First, the United States and Honduras do have an extradition treaty.Second, the United States and Honduras already have close relations, especially with the military.The New York Times reported that hundreds of Honduran officers, including the chief of the general Staff and commander in chief of the Air Force, receive military training from the United States every year.Finally, the Soto River Air Base in Honduras houses the headquarters of the U.S. Joint Task Force, which is responsible for humanitarian assistance and anti-drug trafficking in Central America. It has about 600 troops.So from the current information, Honduras and the United States have been relatively close “ally” relations.The operation is no surprise.Reference source of partial information: huanqiu net, if overseas net has infringement, please contact