A man sleeps in a bower, penniless and with nowhere to hide. The source: His girlfriend has cheated him of his money

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Have to say that today’s beauty on the network function is powerful, not only some features ordinary people can be turned into a very beautiful big beauty, at the same time can also turn the Chinese into a blonde foreigner, this is not a short video on a platform with 2 million fans then by netizens pick out is pretending to be Chinese,This immediately refreshed a lot of people’s three views.With the rise of short video, many people like to meet new friends on some short video platforms, but once they meet offline online dating, they often crash due to beauty filters.At the same time, there are also some fraudsters will take the opportunity to enter, they love in the name of the net Ben is now, after coming to the scene and boys will covet their money, this is not a man came to Wenzhou, Zhejiang, because of the net love Ben is now cheated by the woman out of money, now also can only helpless sleep in the pavilion.Xiao Li, 26, had a good job but was unable to find a suitable partner due to working conditions. He turned to online dating in order to get out of his single life.This day, after work xiao Li is chatting on the network, Ci Shou temple a woman took the initiative to add xiao Li’s contact information, this suddenly let Xiao Li feel his love comes, so three after a few times to cut short after the conversation, two people finally decided to love the net rush now.In this way, Xiao Li resigned his job in their hometown came to Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, and the woman in the line to meet, after meeting his girlfriend is also directly to Xiao Li crying: “his grandfather due to a serious illness, in urgent need of tens of thousands of treatment costs, their hard to gather 20,000 yuan or so, now there is still 150,000.See the grandpa of cummer suffer a lot in the hospital, xiao Li immediately feel he should assume the responsibility of taking care of grandpa, so he take out his bank card to cummer without saying anything else: “this is the 16 dollars that I save for so many years, you take to treat a disease for grandpa, the rest of the money, buy some nutrition for grandpa.”After listening to The words of Xiao Li, his girlfriend is also crying, then it is crying: “Thank you, Xiao Li, and so on grandpa recovered, we will go to get a license to get married.”So xiao Li girlfriend with Xiao Li 160,000 hard money back, but let Xiao Li absolutely did not think of is, a few days later when Xiao Li plans to contact his girlfriend again, but found that his girlfriend had already shielded his contact way.This alone came to wenzhou xiao li is also called ah, should not every day, and the ground to block yourself all savings are not only the so-called girlfriend fraud, now penniless he pushes his only only one suitcase came to sleep in a kiosk near wenzhou suburb, only to sleep while collapse, crying: the net love rush has been cheated out of money!Wu lei’s point is that online dating is risky, and offline meeting should be cautious. After all, for these beautiful young girls, there is no shortage of other boys’ pursuit, and how can we take the initiative to add our friends online?In addition, Xiao Li seems to be too easy to believe people, just online chat a few times, now the first meeting will be their bank card all money to their so-called girlfriend, now Xiao Li is about to pay for their innocence.However, even after being cheated, Xiao Li can also recover his loss by calling the police, after all, in this full of surveillance cameras and network developed age, dare to take xiao Li’s 160,000 yuan offline, try to ask the woman can run to where?And xiao li while being woman has cheated him out of 160000 yuan of money, but with such a large city, wenzhou, zhejiang, also don’t have to sit in the park to eat such as dead, after all, even if be engaged in daily or short-term work, also can solve his three meals a day, because a cheated on the girl can’t completely lose confidence, after all, in this society,Most of the girls are quite good-hearted.