The third academic seminar of lung disease professional committee of Changde Chinese Medicine Association was held

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Huasheng online news (correspondent Wu Xiuying he Ke) On March 12, the third academic seminar of pulmonary disease professional Committee of Chinese Medicine Association of Changde city hosted by the first Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Changde city was held smoothly.Che Xiongyu, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered a welcome speech, and Li Zhenlong, vice president, presided over the opening ceremony.Che Xiongyu first expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the experts and scholars who participated in the conference, and expressed his hope that he could apply what he learned in clinical practice and improve the medical level in the future through this academic seminar.Hospital of respiratory and critical care medicine, founded in 2008, in recent years in the “equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine, highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine”, under the guiding ideology of perfecting specialized function, highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and formed a set of medicine, teaching and research in the integration of characteristic specialized subject, possess a high level of diagnosis and treatment of specialized subject, and has carried out a number of characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment project, curative effect is distinct, widely available outside praise.Meeting invited professor zhi-guang liu of hunan province people’s hospital, professor Wu Huaiqiu professor, professor jian-long tan, hong-ying deng, chang DE city first people’s hospital of respiratory and critical care medicine professor Xu Jianxian, chang DE city the first hospital of respiratory and critical care medicine of traditional Chinese medicine professor, Ming Chen et al, respectively for the problem of airway stents placement technique and application note “benign airway stenosis intervention”,”Ebus-tbna, TBLB operation points, Airway stent Placement related nursing, Respiratory interventional primary hospitals, Bronchial interventional therapy and Case Sharing in primary hospitals, Pulmonary vascular interventional Technology application Introduction academic lectures.Subsequently, Professor Zheng Yuanfang, director of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Changde First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made a summary speech.Experts and scholars to teach the convening of the conference, for the respiratory disease in the whole city industry to build a communication, cooperation and mutual learning, promoting the new platform, to further strengthen the chang DE city lung disease (breathing epidemiology) professional in the field of academic exchanges, promoted the lung disease professional continuing education work, promote the academic development of pulmonary disease professional.A total of 90 physicians from various departments of pulmonary diseases (respiratory diseases) and internal medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals and people’s Hospitals in Changde city and other districts and counties (cities) attended the seminar.