Story of out civilization trip | liu chow “shun cheong said:” five thousand steps died thousand fighters

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Liu Qi (1098 — 1162 AD), styled Xinshu, was born in Deshun Jun (now Jingning County, Pingliang City).As the anti-Jin generals of the Southern Song Dynasty, Liu Qi and 吴玠吴 Lin brothers were named “The three great anti-Jin generals of Deshun Nationality”, and together with Yue Fei, Han Shizhong and Zhang Jun, they were named “the Four Great anti-Jin Generals of the Southern Song Dynasty”.Liu Qi was born in an official family. His father, Liu Zhongwu, was a mission officer of The Luchuan Army and had been guarding the northwest border area.When he was young, he was intelligent and eager to learn martial arts. His appearance was great and he was armed with great strength. He was deeply stable and wise and had the style of a Confucian general.Liu Qi was particularly skilled at horseback riding and archery. As a young man, when he saw the water tank at the gate of the barracks was full of water, he fired his bow and shot an arrow.Kathy Liu then shot another arrow, which plugged the arrow hole in the clanging of the bowstring. Everyone was amazed at his excellent shooting skills.In the first year of Jianyan (1127 AD), Zhao Gou, king of Kang, ascended the throne in Yingtianfu, Nanjing and established the Southern Song Dynasty.Hearing the name of Liu Qi, he was personally summoned and sent to Min Zhou (now Min County, Gansu Province) to be the governor of Longyou.He defeated the Western Xia repeatedly and was invincible. The people of the Western Xia were afraid of him.It is said that when a txixia child cries, as long as its mother says “Liu Dudu has come!The child stopped crying immediately.Zhang Jun was appointed governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi, and was surprised by his military strategy, so he gave Liu Qi the position of jingyuan Road governor and weizhou (now Pingliang City, Gansu Province).Shun cheong triumph | “iron pagoda” invincible myth burst in the southern song dynasty in the history of jin, “shun cheong triumph” is one of the most famous battle, but one of the biggest defeat since 8 jin j south invasion, and Song Jun commander is liu chow, he has a friendly war god, famous.In the sixth year of Shaoxing (1136 AD), Liu Qi was transferred from Xianren Pass to Lin ‘an (today’s Hangzhou), the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, and later stationed in Jinling, responsible for the frontline defense of the Yangtze River.In the tenth year of Shaoxing (1140 AD), after the Song and Jin agreed to return the three capitals of the Song Dynasty, the imperial court ordered Liu Qi to be deputy officer in Tokyo and go north to take over Bianliang (today’s Kaifeng).Liu Qi led more than 10,000 members of the “Eight-figure Army”, 3,000 dian officers and about 40,000 family members to set out from Lin ‘an.When Kathy Liu and his troops arrived at Waokou, “Storm was sitting in the tent”, And Kathy Liu judged that “this is a bad omen and a master of violence”.So he hurried day and night to the city of Shunchang (today’s Fuyang, Anhui Province).Located in the lower reaches of huaibei Yingshui, Shunchang was a strategic road for the Jin army to defend the Jianghuai region.As expected, The king tore up the contract, led more than ten thousand troops to invade the defeated alliance.The news shocked everyone. Although Liu Qi had 40,000 people, he only had 7,000 soldiers with a family and a family.Qi Liu convened a meeting of his generals to discuss ways to resist King.The vast majority of people said that should be withdrawn from the Huai River, downstream return to the South.Jumping to his feet, Mr. Liu shouted, ‘I was assigned to work in Bianjing, but now Tokyo is in the hands of the Jin, the army is still there, and Shunchang has a city to defend. Why not give up this strategic location by fighting?I am determined, and those who dare to speak out will not be spared!”Ordered his men to scuttle all the ships, to show that they will die against the heart.When Liu Qi entered Shunchang, he first placed his family members in a temple, piled firewood at the gate of the temple and told the guards in public, “If our army is defeated and the city is destroyed, we will immediately set fire to my family to avoid being humiliated by the enemy!”This is the origin of “senmen salary”.Subsequently, Liu Qi spent six days to accelerate the repair of the city defense.He called on the people to build an earth fence around the city and made holes on it, which was called “Yangma yuan”, to protect the city and settle troops. He also set up a multi-layer defense system including Yangma Yuan, outer haal, main city wall, inner moat and inner city by setting up some obstacles under the city, thus expanding the defensive depth of Shunchang.At the same time, the city walls are prepared to roll logs, traditional stones and boiling oil, oil cabinets and other defense weapons.Liu Qi moved thousands of households in the suburbs to the city, burned down their houses, fortified the walls and cleared the fields, and sent scouts to investigate the jin army’s movements.Only six days later, the jin army advanced and besieged the city of Shun Chang.Surprisingly, Instead of rigid defensive tactics, Mr. Liu adopts a more proactive approach: ‘Fight in the field, attack instead of defense.’Relying on the city, the Song army took the initiative to attack the Jin army.Taking the enemy’s foothold was not stable, Liu Qi sent more than one thousand elite night attack Jinying, killing the enemy.Soon, two armies of the Jin were at the gates.Liu Qi ordered the gates to be opened. Just like Sima Yi in those days, Jin was afraid to approach the city, suspecting an ambush.At this point, the goat wall outside the city wall came into play.The song army arrayed itself behind the Yangma wall, and the arrows of the Gold soldiers fired either on the wall or over the yangma wall, but to no avail.When Jin Bing attacked the city, Liu Qi took advantage of the fortifications built outside the city as cover and shot a large number of the enemy at a distance with a powerful crossbow. He also sent his elite troops to take the initiative, Shouting loudly and Shouting loudly. Due to panic and fear, Jin Bing crowded with each other and many of them fell into the river and were drowned.On the fourth day, the Jin army became more and more numerous. Seeing that they could not win at the moment, they moved the camp back and set up camp 20 li away from the city of Shunchang, preparing for a long confrontation with the Song army.Liu Qi took advantage of the fact that they were moving back to the camp and all kinds of defense work had not been completed, and he selected 500 strong soldiers to form a death squad to attack The Jin Camp at night.This positive cloudy thunderstorm day, each have a lightning, “fold bamboo is called, the lightning strike, the electricity check the v of the”, death squads leaped by flash light, see it braided hair killing (jurchen braided hair), it is going to have to keep your withdrawal, a few days in a row, 8 jin j could lose, failed to launch attack effectively, are Song Jun night at loose ends, was forced to retreat camp.Liu qi took the heat to forge iron and selected brave soldiers who were experienced in night fighting. Each of them was given a whistle (armature) and each armed with a broadsword and followed them to attack. Over 100 of them attacked each other all night in the Jin Camp.Liu Qi took the initiative to attack the enemy three times in six days and dealt a powerful blow to jin’s morale.Wanyan Zongbi (Jin Chushu), the commander of the Jin Army in Bianjing at that time, heard of it and was furious, leading 100,000 main troops to kill Shun Chang.A few days later, Wanyan Zongbi’s army arrived at the gate of shunchang, and the camps were endless.In the face of such a large jin army, some of the generals suggested to Liu Qi that, having won several battles, it would be difficult for us to win now that the Jin army was so large that we might as well save our troops and retreat to the south bank of the Yangtze River.Liu Qi said with great sense of honor, “At ordinary times, people deceive me, but today, we should make great contributions to our country by defeating thieves. The imperial court has kept troops for fifteen years. It is for the purpose of saving time and saving time.All were moved to think courageously, yue: “only commander order!”Wanyan Zongbi, a veteran of many battles, commanded tens of thousands of troops to attack the city, and personally led 3000 troops to attack the city of Shunchang.Liu Qi did not wage an all-out war. Instead, he concentrated on defense and attacked Wanyan Zongbi’s Army with all his strength.The Chinese troops are elite regiments known as Tiefutu, all clad in thick armor.Jin’s own command, released the jin Army’s winning magic weapon — “Tiefutu” heavy armored cavalry: “wearing iron doumou, zhou turn affixing long eaves, three people in company, consistent with Wesuo, each further, that is to reject the horse to embrace, people further, reject the horse also into, can not retreat”.The Jin army also had the “abductor horse”, which would patrol the two sides of the army and move from time to time.Since wu shu admitted that he had taken up the army, he had been moving nowhere, and his army had gone out like a storm. It was easy to capsize a boat like Song Buzu. He couldn’t help feeling proud: “Let’s see who can defeat us in the world.”Kathy Liu has long studied the methods of breaking “Iron Futu” and trained an army with an axe and a lance to kill the Jin Army’s iron Doumou, cutting horses and enemy’s arms with an axe.A former soldier of the Song Army, armed with a long javelin and a barbed helmet, is cutting off the metal soldier’s iron helmet, while his companions, armed with huge axes, are trying their best to cut off his arm or head.The Song army specialized in cutting down the legs of the horse with a long ax, and successfully defeated the “abductor horse” which was invincible all the way south.The battle of Shunchang lasted from Chenchen to Shen from seven or eight in the morning to five or six in the afternoon. Qi Liu calmly commanded the battle and retreated to the city in an orderly manner. All the troops dispatched by each wave were effective forces, cutting and cutting the Golden Sabers as if they were in no man’s land.Let jin Cong shu in the usual elite troops of the show of force seven or eight losses, the Jin army abandoned the dead horse, car flags, armor everywhere, the Song army killed nearly thirty thousand Jin army.That night, there was a sudden storm, and the water was deeper than a foot.Wanyan Zongbi had no choice but to order his troops to retreat and camp high.When Liu Qi was in power, he chased down qiongkou and killed Jin Jun over ten thousand.”Abandon corpse dead horse, flesh pillow book, car flag implement armour, product mountain mound.”Jin Cong Shu was discomfited to Chenzhou, rested for a day and retreated to Bianjing.Liu Qi had less than 20,000 troops and only over 5,000 strong soldiers who went out to fight, defeating the Jin army of 100,000.This is known in history as the “Great Victory of Sunchang”, which later became a classic example of defending the city with fewer victories.The Battle of Shunchang was listed as one of the thirteen great achievements of Zhongxing in the Southern Song Dynasty.At that time, the Jin people said, “Since the Southern Dynasty has been idle for 15 years, it must be a foreign ghost army, we don’t dare to fight.”Hong Hao, who had been on a diplomatic mission to the Kingdom of Jin, also said: “Shun Chang’s victory, jin people shock and fear of losing their lives, yan’s heavy treasure treasures, learned to migrate to the north, intended to donate yan south abandoned.”The Battle of Shunchang frightened the Jin, and they were ready to leave the central Plains.Zhe gao triumph | “iron pagoda” repeat extermination of the second year, WanYanZongBi returned, rate army south again, invade the jianghuai region.The court attached great importance to this defensive battle, and Song Gaozong ordered all the armies to assemble in Huaibei.When the enemy attacked in large numbers, Liu Qi took advantage of the favorable terrain to lead his troops to attack the enemy and won two battles in a row, which greatly boosted their morale.The Jin army took up positions in Zegao (northwest of today’s Chaohu city, Anhui Province) on a flat land, and again divided into two lines with heavily armored cavalry to flank the Song army.During the Battle of Sunchang, these cavalry were called “Cheolbudur” and “kidnappers” and were the most capable and elite heavy cavalry of Emperor Wanyan Zongpil.At the beginning of the battle, Song generals Yang Yizhong, Wang De and others adopted the method of Liu Qi Shunchang’s battle. They cut down the legs of the horses with long axes, and when the horses fell down, they stabbed the Jin soldiers with spears and broadswords.When Jin Jun saw Qi Liu’s flag, he shouted, ‘This is shunchang’s flag, we can’t beat it!’Suddenly, the troops scattered, only to escape, chaos.After this battle, song and Jin again negotiated peace, and the border temporarily returned to calm.In just two years, we have won a series of victories.Liu Qi defeated the “Tiefutu” and “Abducting zima” of the Jin Army, and became a rare general who defeated the jin’s heavily armored steed in many head-on battles in the Southern Song Dynasty.The battle of Zegao was also listed as one of the thirteen military achievements of Zhongxing in the Southern Song Dynasty.Kathy Liu was the master of the two wars and won two of the thirteen military achievements in the Southern Song Dynasty.Kathy Liu is not only a military genius, but also a refined poet.He wrote Qingxi Poetry Anthology, which is sadly lost.In the whole Song Dynasty poems, 7 of his poems were recorded.Liu Qi was bold, bold, and made great contributions to consolidating the regime of the Southern Song Dynasty.Wang Fuzhi, a renowned thinker in the late Ming dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, also praised: “Could the Jie in the Southern Song Dynasty be able to restore Bianjing and resume The business in Shaanxi province as well as Han Shizhong, Liu Qi and Erwu Jie with the dedication of Marquis Yue Fei?Yue: Yes.In February 1162, Liu Qi died of illness in Lin ‘an in the 32nd year of Shaoxing. He was posthumously presented with yitong 3rd Secretary of Kaifu by Emperor Gaozong of Song Dynasty and posthumously named Wu Mu, which was the same posthumous title as Yue Fei.Xiao Zong, the title of “King of Wu”, plus taibao prince.”Song History” praised: “Qi Liu’s marvelous military strategy, surprise victory, the victory of Shunchang, formidable enemy states, although Han Xin 泜 on the army, beyond yan.He also said, “In the south, the king ordered those who dared to mention Qi’s name to be punished.Enumerating all the generals of the Southern Dynasty, we asked them which ones were worthy of their positions, and when we went to Kathy, he replied, ‘I will take them.Unfortunately, Mr. Qi was ill and could not succeed. ‘Apart from his own withdrawal from the army, Mr Lau overcame most of his battles against Mr King and was shunned by his teachers as a result.Liu Qi became famous during the First World War and eventually became the backbone of the Southern Song Dynasty. After Yue Fei and Han Shizhong, Liu Qi fought against the Jin Army.Twenty years later, when Emperor Wanyan Liang led his troops to invade the Song Dynasty, he ordered that anyone who dared mention Liu Qi’s name would not be forgiven.It can be seen that Liu Qi shun Chang world War I laid down the prestige, deterring the Commander of the Jin Army for 20 years.References: 1. History of the Song Dynasty, volume 366, Biographies no. 125; 2. Poems of the Whole Song Dynasty, published by Fu Xuancong (Peking University Press, 1995) 3.Bai Shouyi, General History of China, Volume 7, Mediaeval Times, Five Dynasties, Liao, Song, Xia and Jin (Volume 2), chapter 49, 4.Li Shien, editor-in-chief, Kongtong in Northwest China (Gansu People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, 2015) 5.Li Shien, editor of relevant articles in Spring and Autumn Yi Tan (published by People’s Literature Publishing House in 2018) source: Publicity and Promotion Department of Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau