Sales people should know that the order of drinking reflects the extent of market information openness in the north and south

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The order of drinking shows the extent of market information openness between the two koreas.Many people believe that the biggest difference between northerners and southerners lies in the order in which they drink.Southerners celebrate success when you drink.Traditional northerners believe that people are the absolute factor of success. If people are right, things are done. Then how to judge people are right is comfortable, or drink comfortable.Or we’re getting comfortable with each other.People think that if they become friends with each other, then they can talk about cooperation and be more efficient.When power is highly concentrated in a small number of people, we can say that power is information asymmetry. When information is only in the hands of a small number of people, we can take advantage of the information gap as long as we get the help of the small number of people.So in the early days of business, or in political relationships, in high level networking, people often do deals first.That’s why, in the Northern market, people are so focused on networking;While the south market and traditional market has a very different to the north, the first is that the market is not the source of key information, so every time a person received information is equal, this time, the key elements of information but not viable, this time, the key elements, becomes the speed of doing things, because everyone’s resources are limited,To make things happen, we must put resources in a basket. Because the window of opportunity is limited, in order to improve the speed of cooperation, the cooperation between people has gradually reached a tacit understanding, that is, we together, the speed of money and the speed of people, is not fast enough.As long as it’s fast enough, the efficiency of creating value increases dramatically.In fact, whether in the north or the South, the reason why we have a clear culture of doing things has a lot to do with the openness of information. The so-called drinking table culture is not good or bad. It is only a means with only one goal, namely efficiency, the efficiency of doing things together.