Is work part of life or is life part of work?

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1. The relationship between work and life in a narrow sense.For young people, work is the prerequisite for life. After all, those who have gone out of school and become adults need to support themselves first, and work is the source of income for most of them.After all, we are secular people who cannot or cannot solve the problems of life, such as being single all the time or making a mess of life. It is also difficult to concentrate on doing a good job.In general, work and life complement each other. A good job brings good living conditions, and a good life makes work even better.Just as behind every successful man there is a woman who gives quietly, and this is one of the core labels of success in life.2. Work-life in a broad sense.To life, people live is life, but the way or quality is different.Of course, no matter what kind of lifestyle, as long as it is reasonable and legitimate and does not hurt others, and it is their own favorite, it is worth affirming behavior, after all, everyone has his own ambition, he is happy!The biggest tragedy in life is not being able to be yourself, live someone else’s way, or not be at all the way you want to be.People have many things to do when they are alive, such as KPI of middle-aged people’s life, buying a house, buying a car, getting married, having children and earning money to support their families. They just choose their own way.And work is only one of the ways to make a living, even as a way to make a living, there are many kinds of people, some people are rich, may not have to consider the basic life problems, some people can rely on hobbies to make a living, and some people can rely on investment and other value-added ways.So, from this point of view, work is just a part of life, and for some people, it may not even be a part of life.On the whole, work is just a part of life, a way to make a living or realize personal value. The difference between different people lies in their different proportions.Ordinary people of a few taller, more resources at the hands of the people of low, even zero. Of course, for most people, most of the work or life, are almost occupied most of the energy, after all, personal capacity model is unitary, nothing special, nothing in his hand can take advantage of the resources, can only work to earn the cost of living,And because I can only engage in some relatively basic posts, although the work is very tiring, but the income level is low.3. How to deal with work-life relationship?Put aside the broad sense of value, for the realization of personal value and to carry out the work, here only talk about the narrow sense of work and life.1) Work attitude and mood as positive as possible.In a narrow sense, doing something for love is fundamentally different from making money to make a living, and the inner feelings are completely different.This is the same as having no money to spend and wanting to spend no money to spend.This shows a truth, like or not, state of mind and mood, completely affect a person’s view and feelings towards the same thing.2) Try to choose the direction and working atmosphere you like.If you have the opportunity, try to choose the direction and atmosphere of work that you like. For individuals, working can not only earn some income, but also enjoy the process and realize personal value.In turn, it can greatly improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals.After all, nothing lifts a person’s height, shape, and aura like career success.The success of the career and the new pattern, but also completely enhance the concept of personal life and height, deep pockets, satisfied with is also a lot of people think that the high point of life!3) Try to divide your energy between work time and off time.Separating work and life completely is the ultimate problem for most people.Many people, because always deal with the relationship between the two, lead to a very low quality of life, work time to private, rest time to work, the results of both failed to deal with, and finally affect each other.Work hard and efficiently during working hours to ensure the quality and quantity of the work completed;Even those so-called managers, workaholics, put almost all their energy on work every day, working overtime every day, but in fact, it is not the work itself busy, but they did not catch the idea, more and more busy, the more busy the worse, the worse the worse…A post, do more than half a year still rely on energy to maintain, can only prove that your combing and summarizing ability is poor;It is normal to be busy in the first half of the new post, but in this process, we should gradually sort out and summarize various skills, and then constantly improve efficiency, so as to achieve first-class work results under normal energy input. This is the ability that first-class professionals should have, working skillfully rather than hard!Skillful work can last, skillful work can free, skillful work can get twice the result with half the effort!In the end, work and life should be separated and combined. After all, a good job or career can greatly improve the quality of life, both materially and spiritually.Now the society is a press N times fast forward button era, the rapid development of science and technology is profoundly transforming or reconstructing every industry, every aspect and even every corner, therefore, personal renewal ability and work pressure may accompany for a lifetime, dare not relax for a moment, no matter which industry.In this era of rapid obsolescence and pluralistic success, how to stay?How to deal with the relationship between work and life, without him, the best choice is to do what you like to do, the best to be an expert, after all, is the spirit of the craftsman to win, no matter what, but also enjoy life.