“Have difficulty to find me”, Chongming police to help the masses run very warm heart

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Since the beginning of the epidemic in Shanghai, all kinds of staff and volunteers have been working hard and actively helping people solve problems.”There is no trivial matter in mass life, everything is connected to my heart.”Fan Tianyu, a post-1995 policeman from Chongming Public Security Lvhua Police Station, strengthened community epidemic prevention with a responsible attitude during the new round of nucleic acid screening and solved urgent problems for the masses.On the morning of March 29, 68-year-old Aunt Zhang found that she had not received the food and oil for this month’s disability allowance and was about to expire the next day. What could she do?What about the old couple’s one-month rations? She called the food station in panic and asked how to get them during the epidemic.Food station staff told her not to worry, the situation is special, march food and oil coupons can be received together with April.But food is the most important thing, aunt’s home rice will soon eat up, she wants to get early.But what if the current quarantine policy requires staying indoors?”Are you Officer Fan Tianyu?I am a villager of Hua Yu Village, and I want to trouble you with something!”Aunt Zhang thought of asking for help with the police.Fan Tianyu, who is working in the community for epidemic prevention, drove straight to Aunt Zhang’s house.During this time, I was doing a lot of work for the masses. I acted almost reflexively when I received the call.”Aunt, you give me the voucher, I will help you get it back, you see what else to take?”Looking at aunt Zhang, fan Tianyu wanted to do more for her.’I don’t know how to thank you for all your trouble!The moment of handing out the voucher, aunt felt at ease.Just 15 minutes, a bag of rice, a bucket of oil, a bag of sugar to the hands of aunt Zhang.What kind of helplessness do boat people feel when they are in a difficult stage of need?Recently, stranded in the mouth of the Yangtze River on several cargo ships, the boat people experienced a warm experience from loneliness to help.At 13:00 on March 29, a stranger called Fan Tianyu.”Are you the police officer who helped Boss Xue?I’m wu Tian, his friend, from the ship Jiangyun 28. The 13 crew members on our ship want to have nucleic acid tests. Can you help us think of a way?”Originally, three cargo ships loaded with steel were supposed to dock at Wujing port on March 20, but after the outbreak, the ships could not enter the port, so they had to stop at the Yangtze River in Luhua Town, Chongming.On The morning of May 29, the sailors received a message on their mobile phones reminding them that their health codes will be yellow if they do not have nucleic acid test results within 48 hours.This means that they will not be able to operate normally and transport costs will increase when the next round of nucleic acid screening is completed.Therefore, Wu Tian called a friend who often ran jiang Yun in Chongming. It happened that his friend “Xue Old Boss” had received a help from Fan Tianyu in mid-March. He left his contact information at that time, so Wu Tian found Fan Tianyu.When He was on shift that morning, Fan tianyu learned that lvgang village would organize nucleic acid sampling. He immediately contacted colleagues in the community. After communication and coordination, Fan Tianyu’s colleagues took medical staff to the embankment to help the crew take nucleic acid samples.Wu Tian and the crew were relieved, and he thanked the Chongming police for helping him a lot.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Fan Tianyu told Wu Tian that people on board should not go ashore if it is not necessary. If they need supplies, they can buy them from the police.In the critical stage of the war against the epidemic, this one after another highlights the police and the people’s situation, the service, practice the “people’s police for the people” purpose.Correspondent: Chen Weiguo Editor: Li Lin