Add one word to each column of the table

2022-06-17 0 By

In the Excel worksheet, a word is added to a column of data after input.By using &Symbol to complete the addition of the word.Add column data in the demo environment of xiaomi Laptop Pro15.6, system version: Windows11, software version: Office2021.01 Add the left side next to the data column of the worksheet, select the corresponding cell, and enter the formula =” text “&Cell (e.g. =” tiger “&A1), click Enter to complete the addition.Double quotation marks are entered in English, and the cell is A1.1. Select the corresponding cell next to the column and enter the formula = cell &Text “, click Enter to finish adding.2. After the addition is completed, click the lower right corner of the cell to generate a cross symbol, and pull down to fill the cell to complete the unified addition of text.Excel total: Input formula =” text “&Cell or = cell &”Text “, drop down the cell to complete the fill.