Prosperity!Ouhai District won the provincial small, medium and micro enterprises public service performance appraisal excellent

2022-06-16 0 By

Recently, the 2021 provincial small, medium and micro enterprises public service performance evaluation results announced, Ouhai district won the excellent evaluation.Ouhai Enterprise comprehensive service platform is an important carrier of the trinity enterprise service system of “small and medium-sized enterprise service center + small and medium-sized enterprise service platform + small and medium-sized enterprise service organization”.Since its establishment, the service platform for ouhai enterprise characteristics, based on the website, wechat as the terminal, through the 96871 service hotline, combined with government departments, universities, quality service organizations (service providers) policy channels, information channels, service channels, comprehensively improve the service capabilities of the platform.In 2021, the platform will adhere to the combination of “online + offline” and achieve remarkable materialized operation results.Online, the website published 652 pieces of information, pushed 1362 articles on the public account, read 64,460 times, and compiled 48 policy compilations, quickly and timely to provide enterprises with favorable policy information.Enterprise code ouhai zone application construction shelves “Huiqi policy through train” and other five functional blocks, the page views reached 4,425,430 times.Offline, it actively carried out enterprise service lectures, service institutions exchange meetings and other activities to help enterprises, and held various kinds of training and public welfare services, totaling more than 12,956 people.To carry out the 2021 “Zhejiang Good Project” entrepreneurship and innovation Competition in Ouhai area, with 2 projects competing for the municipal final.