More serious than chip monopoly, industrial robots are controlled by three foreign capital, how to break through the domestic?

2022-06-16 0 By

In recent years, chip has been the focus of Chinese people’s attention, many people hope that Our country can completely achieve independence in the chip industry, get rid of the situation of being monopolized by foreign companies.In fact, in addition to the chip is monopolized by foreign capital, in industrial robots, also suffer from the western monopoly, not to put it bluntly, China’s industrial robots by the monopoly degree is more severe than chips.Domestic industrial robots be monopoly although industrial robot and chip belong to different dimensions, but for the entire manufacturing, industrial robots are very important, also known as the “pearl” manufacturing, its research and development, manufacture is to measure the important symbol of a country’s science and technology level, at the same time, also is key equipment in the transformation of traditional industries to realize digital and intelligent.Nowadays, with the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, the demand for industrial robots is also greatly improved, and has grown into the world’s largest industrial robot market.To put it bluntly, industrial robots can be seen in almost every modern factory in China.However, behind China’s high demand for industrial robots, there is a huge crisis, because China’s industrial robot market is controlled by three foreign enterprises.According to data released by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), China’s industrial robot market will be dominated by foreign companies in 2021, with Fanuc, Epson and ABB taking the top three spots.For China’s manufacturing industry, it is not a good thing that industrial robots are monopolized by foreign enterprises, because it is related to the smooth realization of intelligent and digital transformation of China’s manufacturing industry.In the author’s opinion, it is not surprising that China’s industrial robots are monopolized by foreign companies. On the one hand, China’s industrial robot industry started late, the foundation is not particularly strong, and there is no great advantage to compete with foreign brands.Foreign-funded enterprises in the industrial robot, on the other hand, the core components of manufacturing technology, established a higher technical barriers, such as industrial robot’s three core parts, gear reducer, servo motor and controller have been mastered by the companies in the us and Europe, under normal circumstances, enterprises of industrial robots need to import parts and components, to satisfy the needs of their own.How does domestic industrial robot break through?For now, the good momentum of development of industrial robots in China, innovation constantly emerging, the precision of gear reducer, high-performance servo motor and controller is the key parts and components, such as breakthrough has been achieved, but compared with international level, domestic industrial robots there are still some technological gap, especially the stability of the key components and performance,There are certain defects.Therefore, in view of the research on the core components of industrial robots, relevant enterprises in China need to continue to carry out technological iterations to further shorten the gap with international giants.Not only that, domestic industrial robot enterprises need to insight into the needs of manufacturing industry, further breakthrough in the development of industrial robot related technology.At the same time, the relevant departments should actively encourage the head technology enterprises to carry out the research and development of industrial robot core technology, launch the system standardization of related products, and further improve the efficiency of research and development.It is worth mentioning that at present, China has also emerged a relatively strong industrial robot enterprises, such as Shanghai Card robot, its products have successfully entered the electrical manufacturing, new energy, medical and other industrial scenes.Moreover, with excellent product strength and reputation, the robot has sold its products to more than one hundred countries and regions, and its strength can not be underestimated.In addition, in order to further improve the technical strength of the card robot, it also actively carries out the mode of industry-university-research, and cooperates with domestic universities to jointly tackle core technologies and provide strong technical support for the card machine.Finally, in the future, under the joint efforts of many enterprises, I believe that China’s industrial robot enterprises will be able to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises.