Lai Xinzheng visit condolences leiyang municipal party committee organ cadres and workers

2022-06-16 0 By

In the afternoon of January 30, Hengyang Deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Leiyang Party Secretary Lai Xin is visiting some cadres and workers leiyang Municipal Party committee organs, and through them to the city’s cadres and workers to extend good New Year wishes.”Thank you all for your hard work this year!”In each department, Lai Xinzheng went into the office to shake hands with the cadres and workers one by one, wished them a happy New Year, wish them good health, family and beauty, work smoothly, and communicated with everyone on official document writing, information submission, file management, cadre team construction, grassroots party construction and other business work.Lai Xinzheng said, cadres are in constant training progress, we work very hard, but are serving the people of Leiyang, looking back, these pay are very worthwhile, are very meaningful.Good, are the party cadres led the people to do, our efforts today is Leiyang tomorrow, as long as we each build a good brick every day, Leiyang will have a good wall, I believe that with our joint efforts, Leiyang will be better and better.Lai Xin is pointed out that over the past 2021 years, is very ordinary, very challenging, extremely rich historic year, under all the staff work hard, leiyang presents the harmony and stability, the race to the top of the good situation, a number of work has achieved excellent results, adhere to all of the hard sweat, municipal party committee municipal government heartfelt thanks to you!Leiyang always on the road of development, only to take no rest, we don’t slack off, must continue to keep efforts to running posture, more promising to promote the development of high quality, more firmly effectively pays special attention to the safety in production, the more comprehensive in-depth promote urban and rural mass, even more attention with affection to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood, more vigorously and effectively maintain social stability,More unswervingly promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, fully implement the “three high and four new” strategic positioning and missions, bow to the “three strong and one” construction, vigorously implement the “five Lei Yang” project, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory.City leader Xie Dongping attended.(Correspondent Chen Zhijian, reporter Yuan Chenglong, Liu Xi, Zeng Zhiming)