Joint venture MPV price “ceiling”, wheelbase over 3 meters, the top of 218,800

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We are all familiar with Buick GL8. This model is not only practical but also respectable to drive, so it has become the first choice of many male consumers.But for ordinary consumers, GL8 positioning is obviously a little too high, and now many stores have to increase the price of the car, the entry-level model configuration is also extremely simple, obviously not very cost-effective.Next comes the focus, today we introduce a cost-effective joint venture MPV, although the size is slightly less than GL8, but this model to have what what the top match is only 218,800 yuan, can not afford to buy GL8 we can look at him, this model is from hyundai — Kustu.The guide price of This model is 1698 ~ 218,800 yuan. After all, it is a medium and large MPV, and the recommended model is his top matching model, because the top matching is not only more powerful, but also the electric sliding door on both sides, inductive trunk and other MPV practical configurations are only available at the top matching. The main reason is that the top matching price is especially sincerity.Cheaper than the entry version of GL8 at the same time configuration is a sky an underground, so this model is a joint venture MPV price “ceiling” is not excessive;Next, I will introduce this model.First of all, in terms of its appearance, the Custa is indeed inferior to the GL8 in terms of atmosphere, but the fashion and sports atmosphere is obviously better, so it is more suitable for young people.On the front face, he uses the family u-shaped element net, and integrates the headlights on both sides to form a shape of spreading wings. It is beautiful in itself, and decorated with high-gloss piano lacquer plate, it looks very advanced.Then there is the silver front lip and fog light area similar to sports car vents, all of which are the latest fashion designs that appeal to young people.The side design of the car is a bit like an SUV, including its dynamic ridersand overall sliding back style, the main sporty atmosphere, but for the side sliding door and low ground clearance, it is indeed more like an SUV.Including his tail is also like this, is completely an SUV shape, the top of the sexy small tail, the middle of the through taillight, and the bottom of the silver guard, is completely a city SUV design, but definitely in line with the aesthetic of most young people.Entering the interior part, this model also shows full sincerity. Whether it is the sense of class or the sense of science and technology, it is absolutely outstanding among the joint venture brands of about 200,000 yuan.High matching model of the entire interior almost all use leather cover, coupled with the atmosphere simple workmanship, both look or feel the grade feeling is very high.The dynamic digital LCD meter and 10.4 inches suspended touch screen show a strong sense of science and technology, and the integrated functions are impeccable.Then there’s the extra full driver assistance system, 360-degree panoramic video, intelligent voice, wireless charging of the front and back phones, and a host of other high-end features.The length, width and height are 4950/1850/1734mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3055mm. Although inferior to GL8, it is enough for the seven-seat layout. The seats are also very thick, and the sound insulation is excellent, which makes the whole interior atmosphere very good.High matching models and double side electric valves on and off the car is particularly convenient.In terms of power, the high matching model is a combination of 2.0t +8AT, and the maximum output power can reach 236 horsepower. This medium and large MPV is particularly suitable, which is also the reason why the small editor recommends the high matching model. After all, its large size, 1.5T, is a little bit like a big car with a small horse.Comprehensive performance of all aspects, high collocation coustiu is really very cost-effective, it has almost all the advantages of MPV, less than 220,000 joint venture is almost impossible to find with him to compete cost-effective models, like friends can be considered into the category.