“Even The dragon is helping TES!”JDG was turned over by 369 fatal turnovers and the sailor wanted to laugh when he saw him

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Last year league of Heroes TES team lost the game all let the road back pot, kicked away 369 fans applauded, this year they have become TES48 idol team, the starting lineup in a complete mess, Tianpeng rotation Zhuo was driven away, Zoom was replaced by the new position, has become the biggest mystery of LPL league.Today JDG team against TES, 369 facing the old club in a row of three selected on the single wine barrel, is also to respond to that let him injured documentary bar!Unfortunately, 369 still failed to prove himself, and made a fatal mistake at the critical moment, leading to JDG team upset by TES, let’s take a look!The first game early JDG under Luzeri line was TES Delevin killed rotten, all by 369 barrels with rhythm, he first wave of spell with Foyege caught nall killed blind monk, behind the tower before the audience the fattest water Delevin to single kill, even the explanation can see his winning heart, Guan Zeyuan shouted: “369 play too good?Who says he can’t play with a keg!””Why don’t you defend me?”Unfortunately, 369 barrels were caught dead three times in the middle of the river suddenly fell ill hit red anger nar, resulting in the wild killed throw dragon, instantly opened the economic gap, A water Delevin 30 minutes six god pack cut down everything, leading the opposite two endless!In the final battle, 369 Barrel-master didn’t hit Delevin, Victor couldn’t touch Him, zeli had to scrape by, so JDG lost only one point.The second game TES team fighting in the river suffered a big loss, O water flash forward hit Foyege big move, treatment did not press out of the sudden death, leading to the team into a huge disadvantage.TES road gap is too big, A water continuous Q sudden death, small dragon group was jinkesi four kill harvest, so JDG man-machine bureau rolled back a point!After the game statistics, Ashui Ephielius hit 3,911 humiliating damage, compared with a delevin is simply a different person.The decider JDG three way line play more active, 369 barrels of wine perfect big move to prevent the tower GANK, and then TP support road hit TES double team, to help the team to get three dragons!But JDG team in order to take the dragon soul, continuous play two waves of edgy group war, the first wave OF JDG all the blood pulled in place, but the dragon is playing JDG players, almost all incarnate TES sixth person, the dragon three kill spray jinke wine barrel Titan, resulting in JDG was killed by the group sent out the bounty.If the fire dragon less spray, JDG team will probably win the group to take the dragon soul bar.The second wave of TES clan and want to contend for xiao Long, but 369 barrels big recruit fatal error, the female tankers fried to Jinke silk face, resulting in the team to throw dragon economy was reversed, the situation instantly reversed!Decisive moment 369 barrels big move only fried to female tan, positive processing can not get away with Gwen, JDG group battle defeat was overturned, TES team to 2-1 score to win the game victory!369 seems so desperate to prove himself that he doesn’t think about any other strong hero in a row, boasting to his teammates: “To be honest, I shot him on the line, too bad Yongfrost didn’t kill him!”Is 369 barrels to line detail or actually in place, early always can make a bright eye operation, but wait until the late regiment war began sleepwalking, pull dragged themselves the whole dizzy, old still don’t change, the ghost that cannot wash, Wayward interview straight barrel is not very strong hero, also with a white crescent before the other words is:”Are you worthy of the advantage in front of you, with your superior barrel and your fight?”TES could feel 369’s anger, too, as Jackeylove and Knight broke down grinning from ear to ear when they saw 369’s face during the post-fight fist bump.Want to beat the old club into gratitude, this program effect is really pull full!TES is moving out of first place in the Eastern Conference and into 10th place in the LPL standings after a thrilling comeback against JDG. Is their rotation system really paying off?But this achievement is obviously not enough to satisfy fans, we think TES team should continue to maintain this lineup through the spring game?Leave a comment and share your thoughts!