CCTV showed off its innovation by sending 15 million “digital snowflakes” into the bird’s nest

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The “digital snowflakes” reflect CCTV’s determination and action to present the unique memories of the Winter Olympics to hundreds of millions of viewers, and also reflect the implementation of CCTV’s call to encourage 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports.Article | Qian Shao “Together for a Shared future, Together, Together into the future.”Late February 4, a glittering and translucent snowflake in bloom, the games are stage backdrop in the warmth of the central torch flame, a big snow of 90 countries and regions of light snow flower twinkling like diamonds, also let the world hand in hand together, “faster, higher, stronger and more united” sparkle in the eyes of the Olympic spirit.If this big snowflake symbolizes the winter Olympics dream of uniting and helping each other all over the world, the digital snowflake that fell when watching the opening ceremony of CCTV video symbolizes personal expectation of the Winter Olympics and enthusiasm for participating in the Winter Olympics.These snowflakes are the creative crystallization of CCTV’s “digital snowflake” project.Up to now, more than 15 million users have participated in the “Digital Snowflake” series of interactive activities. The number of online views of the related topics, such as “Come to CCTVWatch winter Olympics”, “digital Snowflake” and “My Winter Olympics Digital Snowflake”, has reached 385 million, among which the number of weibo views has exceeded 100 million.The National Think Tank of Radio, Film and Television praised CCTV for “bringing the audience’s interest into the stadium and solving the problem of the Winter Olympics from multiple perspectives”.In addition, China Youth Daily, Guangming network, China News network and other central media, as well as dozens of mainstream media in China, including, Beijing Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Yangcheng Evening News, Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper, And Nanjing Daily, have focused their attention on this issue.Glittering and translucent get rid of, don’t attractive snow behind, hiding the vast expanse of the universe science and technology, they blossom glorious reflects the central video game, upgrade experience innovation, for hundreds of millions of viewers a games are memories alone determination and action, but also central video response “led three hundred million people participate in snow and ice movement”, called on the concrete practice.Custom “digital snow”, “gone with the wind together into the bird’s nest” for the games, help all user immersion to participate in the games, central video since Jan. 5, 2022 online interactive project “digital snow”, and “how to play the snow” button on the home page set, click later to go into the central video “digital snow” page, in a little romantic snowflakes dancing in the new world.Sliding page, rich and interesting column Settings make users dizzying, “customize my digital snowflake”, “view digital snowflake certificate”, “view more winter Olymps-related activities” and other buttons to provide personalized user experience.Click customize my digital snowflakes, the user can enter the generated to belong to own “digital snow” journey, by selecting the gender, upload self-time, select “facebook style” “fantasy” coloured drawing or pattern head style such as “prosperous time beauty” and “youth beautiful beautiful” “young” carries a little “grace” and so on the Chinese wind LOOK, for its own exclusive under the snowflakes engraved mark.Out of respect for users’ portrait rights and privacy, the photos and information that users choose to upload are only used for digital Snowflake interactive play, and will not be retained in CCTV video. Users can rest assured and boldly immerse themselves in beautiful experience.”Float into My Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony” is a new campaign launched by CCTV’s “Digital Snowflake”. After receiving the exclusive “digital snowflake”, users can click the “float into my Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony” button to get exclusive “participate in” the Winter Olympics special video.In the virtual space created by CCTV video, users can float into the opening ceremony with a unique “digital snowflake” and overlook the whole venue of the Winter Olympics. Such wonderful walking posture will be recorded and preserved throughout the whole process, leaving precious memories of the Winter Olympics for users.Interesting, experience and chic, “digital snow” project is launched and are popular with the masses of users, more than 15 million “digital snow” gone with the wind into the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, a snow and ice in a unique way for this feast contribute our own strength, which can be li-nong Chen, lang lang stars such as curry, the influence of the epicenter video.”Show off my ‘digital Snowflake special certificate'” “Do you have the digital Snowflake emojis of CCTV Video” “Facebook-style avatar, I really love you”, “DIGITAL Snowflake” of CCTV Video quickly went out to circle, swept the wechat moments, and won the love and recognition of users.And behind each creative, hidden the power of science and technology.Epicenter video based on MetaStudio digital content production line, pioneered the use of the media, the cloud rendering, AI block chain, etc. Series of frontal cloud computing technology to generate “digital snow”, and introduced a rich style, give each snowflakes uniqueness, giving each participating user immersive, interactive games with infinite charm of ice and snow, truly achieve the “participate in the Olympic Games,Play the Olympics.”In the beautiful video “Floating into my Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony”, the crystal snowflakes are inlaid in the center of the user’s customized special head photo, personalized characteristics are obvious.This is attributed to the AI technology adopted by CCTV video. Through THE AI image recognition technology, it can accurately identify the faces in users’ photos at the millisecond level and generate personalized digital snowflake images.At the same time, by choosing different options such as “Facebook style”, “dreamlike painting” and “Shengshi Beauty”, they can also add different costumes to their profile pictures, which can be said to realize the basic function of the beauty camera on the market, based on the needs of users, to meet the “love of beauty” of users.”There is no two pieces of snow” in the world, through the block chain technology, central video ensures that each one “digital snow” unique qualities, and through the combination of user ID and block chain technology, central video for each user to provide digital snow “my games” certificate, accompanied by snow ID number, save time, timing credentials hash code, data and other information,In addition to forming valuable digital assets for users, users are given a sense of identity and honor of “every snowflake is glory”, which inspires users to deeply understand the Winter Olympics and participate in the Enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics.The “Float Into My Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony” campaign is based on cloud rendering services to generate personalized “float into the Winter Olympics” videos, ensuring that each user’s digital snowflake path and perspective are carefully designed and unique.Not only is there a visual experience of “snow flying and flowers in chaos”, CCTV also uses AI algorithm in the generated admission experience video to match each video with 8-second background music of different styles of snow, so that each user’s exclusive memory of the Winter Olympics is endowed with moving melody by jumping notes.In addition, users’ digital snowflake certificates and personalized admission videos can not only be downloaded and shared by users themselves, but also be automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are destined to shine brightly in the long course of human history, and the memories of each individual participating in the Games will be cherished forever.Relying on AI, cloud rendering, blockchain and other advanced technologies, CCTV video’s “Digital Snowflake” interactive project not only realized the circular communication and added new impetus to the media publicity of the Winter Olympics, but also allowed users to immerse themselves in the Grand event of the Winter Olympics and harvest a wonderful, extraordinary and unique experience of the Winter Olympics, highlighting the charm of the “Scientific Winter Olympics”.The tide of scientific and technological innovation is surging.Under the background of media convergence, how to use scientific and technological innovation to promote the communication of the Winter Olympics and create an atmosphere for the whole people to welcome and participate in the Winter Olympics is particularly important.In national short track speed skating team won the first gold medal of Beijing Olympics moments, central video AI sign language interpreter language “leaf” officially “duty”, in 2 minutes and 37 seconds to 348 time with 232 sign China first gold to complete correctly, in the silent world of special groups can “listen” to the Chinese host events of ice and snow.As the first national 5G new media platform launched by the headquarters based on 5G+4K/8K+AI and other new technologies, CCTV has grasped the trend, seized the opportunity, and continuously enhanced its scientific and technological strength and innovation ability. Through scientific and technological innovation, it has created the interactive mode of “digital Snowflake”, enabling every user to become a participant of the Winter Olympics from a bystander.It will enhance users’ sense of social honor and help achieve the “National Winter Olympics”.