Who should pay the elevator maintenance fee?

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Yangjiang Daily news (reporter/Zhu Qiaoshi) recently, Ms. Zhou, a citizen of Yangxi, reported to our newspaper “livelihood hotline” that the kaixuan Haoting residential area where she lives is located near yangxi County Industrial Avenue has many elevators out of service, and the residential property service units did not fulfill their service obligations, causing inconvenience to residents.On April 6, the reporter came to the district.Under the leadership of the residents, the reporter came to 47 basement, see a passenger ladder was surrounded by the cover up, can not be used normally.An elevator repair notice is posted next to the elevator.Notice content shows: recently, the elevator maintenance company for the maintenance of the elevator, found that the passenger elevator light curtain aging, need to complete the replacement of accessories and debugging qualified to resume use.The notice mentioned that the elevator has exceeded the factory warranty period, and the related costs should be shared by all the owners of the building. The price of related materials is 2070 yuan, and the share is 20.3 yuan for each family.Due to the long process of applying for maintenance funds, in order to avoid long-term suspension of the ladder, we now adopt the form of raising funds, and the signing time is March 19.Subsequently, the reporter visited 42, 33, 18, in addition to the reasons for discontinuation and replacement parts of the price is different, the other situation and 47 similar.”My lift has been out of service for almost a month, and there is a long wait during rush hours, especially when I take my children to school in the morning.”Resident Ms Liu said that the lift out of service has caused a certain impact on life.Residents have expressed hope that the property management company will pay part of the fees collected for elevator maintenance.In response, the residential property company said that the residential property fee is 1 yuan/square meter/month, providing property services including common parts of the property, common facilities and equipment daily operation, maintenance costs, etc..At present, a total of 5 elevators in the community are out of service and need to be replaced with accessories, which belong to maintenance and cannot be repaired with property management fees.If you want to restore the use of the elevator, the owner can raise funds or apply for maintenance funds to repair, otherwise the elevator will always be out of service.According to the property company, the owner of the 42 building will raise money to solve the problem.Disclaimer: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com