“Spring Walking grassroots” Sichuan Guangyuan Chaotian District: Spring new meteorological industry rich busy

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February 1st, the first day of Chinese New Year.Xie Tingguo, a resident of Xinglinli community in Shuimogou Town, Chaotian District, Guangyuan, Sichuan province, was busy.In the gastrodia elata seed cultivation greenhouse, Xie Tingguo squatted down laboriously to check the growth of gastrodia elata seeds.He peeled away the leaves and gently scratched the soil, exposing dense little gastrodia elata seeds.”The seeds of gastrodia elata are growing so well that there are dozens of them as small as your little finger under the tilia rod. In two more months we will be busy.”Xie Tingguo said excitedly.In the past, due to physical disability, lack of funds, and difficult environmental conditions, the shadow of poverty always hung over Xie Tingguo’s family.After the battle against poverty began, Xie Tingguo a family of five in the chaotian district poverty alleviation relocation policy support, moved from the mountains, live in shuimogou town “Happiness Li” relocation resettlement community, the development of gastrodia elata industry, the family life across the more prosperous.Shuimogou town “Happiness Li” relocated resettlement community, supermarket, basketball court, library, elderly activity center…Everything.Xie told reporters that after the move, the family not only lived in a spacious and bright 125 square meters of the fourth room, but also enjoyed a variety of convenient services and supporting facilities.”After making money by planting gastrodia elata, I bought two facades in the community and decorated them at my own expense. My son works in Guangyuan City and my daughter got married last year…”Enumerating the happy life after moving to the community, Xie Tingguo smiled happily.With better environmental conditions, the momentum of poverty alleviation will be stronger.With the support of poverty alleviation micro-credit and industrial development funds, Xie succeeded in lifting himself out of poverty by planting Gastrodia elata in 2017. At the same time, he also led more than 20 surrounding farmers to develop gastrodia elata industry, and it is estimated that the average annual household income will increase by more than 10,000 yuan, making him a real leader in local prosperity.”This year, we are expected to plant more than 6,000 tilia gastrodia, plus 300 square meters of zero-generation gastrodia seeds. It is estimated that we can earn at least 150,000 yuan a year.”Xie tingguo told reporters that he can earn more than 100,000 yuan a year just by planting gastrodia elata and selling its seeds.”I have planned all the places to plant gastrodia elata this year, just in the mountain forest to the left of the greenhouse, and the fungus sticks have been cut…””In the past, my family was poor and had to worry at the end of the year. Now life is better and every day is New Year’s day.”Living in a good house and living a good life, The happy life of Xie Tingguo’s family is the epitome of the happy new life of the poverty-stricken families in Chaotian District.”Can move, stable, can get rich.”Strive to strengthen poverty alleviation achievements in recent years, great area, succeeded to promote rural revitalization, comprehensive planning to promote “effectively” policies and measures, as a whole to promote the “three parks” linkage development, explore the move “+” mode of industrial development, build up the five characteristic agriculture, with other characteristic industry to development well pattern,Strive to get rid of poverty, get rich Ben Kang happiness in this piece of land constantly staged.Ran Jinlu southwest Business daily source point news reporter Wei Biao