She Sheman happy New Year with the frame Nicholas Tse dad!85-year-old actor Xie Xian’s private mansion is a rare exposure

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Reporter Chen Qixiu/comprehensive report of Hong Kong actress She Sheman due to the Qing Dynasty drama “Yanxi Palace” career to reach a new peak, then successively performed in the popular mainland drama, active mainland entertainment circle.She did not forget to circle friends New Year, the seventh sun and 85 years old Xie Xian photo, emperor mansion exposure.Sheh Sheman is active in the mainland theater circle.Sheh followed the tradition of visiting Xie xian’s home in the New Year. The two have been close since they co-starred in the 2017 TV series Las Vegas Heroes.In the photo, she is wearing a red dress on Xie Xian’s shoulder, and both of them are smiling brightly. The dishes on the table are quite rich. At the same time, it is noticed that Xie Xian’s mansion is rarely exposed, with glass stairs matching wooden handles and clean white walls, simple and generous design.She Sheman on the seventh day with frame 85 years old actor Xie Xian happy New Year, Xie Xian mansion rare exposure.(Photo/IG/Sheh Sheman) Hsieh is one of the most important actors in The Hong Kong film industry. She is also the father of Nicholas Tse and tingting Tse.At the age of 85, he performed in the film “Killing Out of the Sunset” and won the 28th “Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award” for best actor. He looks like he is in good spirits. His daughter Xie Tingting came to leave a message to the three love patterns, and netizens also took turns to leave a message to wish him “happy Year of the Tiger!Excellent for for