Sense of trading: Afternoon market quotation prompt (02/11)

2022-06-15 0 By

I commented yesterday afternoon, today is the opportunity after the divergence, the standard divergence of the market in the morning, the worst time in the morning when the red only less than 600, but then the divergence completed the return of funds, the market sentiment quickly picked up, the divergence in the morning has been completed, today can start to bottom fishing.Digital economy became the strongest section, today it is clear that the money in the digital switch between economy and infrastructure and digital economy section in echelon is very beautiful, 8 days 7 board brand equity, will guide the whole construction machinery most today is Jin Cai interconnection, bidding explosive quantity line drawing board to the courage of market capital offense now is also a dozen harden, digital economy in the front row is very stable at present, CuiWei shares did not fall,Trend is very healthy, the digital economy next week continue to look good, can find a good trend of ambush.Infrastructure plate trend today is also very strong, Poly joint volume sealing 8 plates, the opening is the lowest point, that the market is very good to undertake, New Year demon shares almost to 10 plates, see if this can be.As long as Poly united continues to develop high market opportunities, continue to pay attention to can, today the first board is very much, civil explosion and go, infrastructure can also continue to pay attention to, differences over.Agriculture, environmental protection today, but this direction is a bet on the number one document expected, adjustment is a good opportunity, today can find these two days strong to ambush, if the news should have a big opportunity.There is no need to pay attention to the direction of medicine. I have suggested in several articles that what should be done should be done.Jiuan medical care has not come out, this direction requires a wave of sufficient time to wash dishes will open the second wave, patience can wait.The track bounced back early in the session, but there was not much volume in the market today, so the track is still of little concern.There is also a strong real estate concept today, due to the social finance data in January exceeded expectations, the news is stimulating, not far, to go to infrastructure, so the real estate is not much to watch.Today’s new fermentation has a water purifier concept, the morning has been trading limit Jianlin Home, Wharton shares and several others, can health, jin membrane technology is surging, this direction seems to be fermentation strength is good, worth paying attention to.Differences finished today, high standard basically all promotion, next week theme stocks continue to fry, can begin to take the first hand today.Digital economy, do not infrastructure is still the main line, the direction of agriculture is worth ambushment, the new theme water purifier can also be properly concerned about, the market next week to see warming, can be ambushment over the weekend welcome to pay attention to the sense of disk, focus on not getting lost!(The above is for personal views to share, only for reference learning, involving individual stocks do not recommend, do not buy or sell basis)