Lin Shaoliang, the richest Chinese, had more money than Li Ka-shing, but his old age was miserable escape, why?

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“The people of Fujian and Guangdong are thick and narrow. The countryside is not enough for farming. They look to the sea to make a living.”This phrase is from LAN Dingyuan’s Book on Nanyang Affairs. It describes the fukien and Cantonese who went down to Nanyang during that period of boom. Some of them died abroad, while others became famous and became the richest Chinese.The richest Chinese in the past is Lin Shaoliang of Fujian.In the pioneering history of Lin Shaoliang, he had the blood of fujian merchant, but in the middle and late period, he found a shortcut and danced with the devil, playing with the left hand industry, right hand finance routine.At his peak, Mr Lin’s wealth surpassed that of Li Ka-shing, and even His Cheung Kong holdings struggled to rival Mr Lin’s 640 companies.Looking back, Li ka-shing’s business empire is still there, while Lin Shaoliang’s SAN Lin Group is barely heard of.Dance with the devil, hard to avoid the devil’s bite, “the world’s sixth richest” Lin Shaoliang, his body is having how legendary story?First, Lin Shaoliang’s ancestors made a living by farming. At the time of Lin Shaoliang’s birth, his family had 30 mu of paddy fields and a water buffalo. Relying on these thin fields, it was no problem to feed a family of 5.At that time, Lin Shaoliang was loved by Lin Fu and Lin mother. He not only studied in The Lin Family private school and learned the four Books and Five Classics, but also studied until he was 15 years old with his intelligence. Originally, Lin shaoliang had the opportunity to go out to see the world, but the limitations of his parents still changed his fate.When Lin shaoliang had the chance to go on to the next level, his parents thought that even if he had read more books, his later life would be no more than a picket fence with his wife and children. Fortunately, they let Lin give up his studies and opened a soup noodle restaurant in the village, which Lin managed.I don’t know how Lin Shaoliang felt at that time.Even if he had a gully in his heart, he had to follow his parents’ arrangement, so he had to put on an apron, put on a spoon, and cook a bowl of noodles.Lin Shaoliang was born in 1916, and by the time he came of age, the chaos of war had already arrived.At this time Lin parents to Lin Shaoliang made a decision: to avoid being seized when a strong man, to overseas uncle and brother.Lin Shaoliang’s uncle is the first to go to nanyang that group of people, in Indonesia’s small town opened a peanut oil shop, the eldest brother in Lin Shaoliang 11 years old went to the uncle’s side, learn business.Under the arrangement of parents, Lin Shaoliang saw eldest brother Lin Shaoxi smoothly, stay beside eldest brother when start, and learn local language.Every step of life counts. Lin shaoliang didn’t know if he would be grateful to his parents.When he mastered a certain language, the local war and chaos, peanut oil shop business is cold, he put forward a request to his uncle, let him take to the streets to sell products.A dead horse is a living horse, uncle.Lin Shaoliang began to go through the streets of life, and the results are not good, led to the sales of peanut oil, was appreciated by his uncle, and Lin Shaoliang also became a formal shop assistant, wages have risen.Lin Shaoliang sold peanut oil for two years, plus his own experience as a boss, always feel that to come out of a business is not to live up to their own life, so he quit his sales job, selling coffee powder in the market.If in the Lin family, Lin Shaoliang’s choice may be subject to parental opposition, but he is now in Indonesia, he has a pioneering idea, uncle and eldest brother is not good to stop.But for Lin shaoliang, the future looks like starlight.Since coffee powder was a small business with a meager profit, he had to get up in the middle of the night, grind it, pack it according to the amount, and then travel dozens of kilometers by bike to sell it in big cities.Although such a life is bitter, Lin Shaoliang is happy in it, income is little, many a little makes a micky, over time will come to a boil.And Lin Shaoliang is not afraid of hardship, hardworking and willing to work, often walking outside, often can receive the news spread in the market.What makes Lin Shaoliang rich is that he met a nobleman.Ii. In 1945, After Japan surrendered, Indonesia declared independence, but the Netherlands swept in and Indonesia fell into war again.Since childhood familiar with the history of subset of Lin Shaoliang, understand the troubled times out of the hero’s road, more understand the world together for a long time will be divided, divided for a long time will be together.Under such circumstances, Lin shaoliang joined the Chinese Federation.The Chinese merchants were run by the Chinese Federation, which provided daily necessities to the front.Lin Shaoliang also received a task, a senior leader to cast off chase, need to hide in the place for a period of time, this task was allocated to the hands of Lin Shaoliang.Lin later learned that his name was Hasan Ding, sukarno’s father-in-law.As they lived for more than a year, they became close friends.At the same time Lin Shaoliang got acquainted with such a noble, he is during this paragraph of war, performance is particularly outstanding, not only have the aid of noble channel, made the life of conveying arms, medicine, accumulated ten million wealth from it.But the war will stop one day, Lin Shaoliang’s business will die sooner or later, he is here, but also for many times looking for second business opportunities.Lin Shaoliang observed that the sales volume of local ding cigarette was very good. There were hundreds of large and small cigarette factories. It was better to be a raw material supplier directly than to open a factory to engage in production.Lin Shaoliang in that period of life for the delivery of arms in Indonesia, and those dignitaries forged a deep friendship, he had this idea, nature is eight to help, before long, Lin Shaoliang from the clove business to dig profitablely.Red top merchant, that’s all.With such success, Lin shaoliang plans to capitalize on the momentum.After peace was restored in Indonesia, he set up a soap factory, a textile factory and a tyre factory. Lin shao-liang planned to do everything he could. Otherwise, where would the 640 companies come from?It was in 1957 that Lin Shaoliang realized his second transformation. At that time, he was conspiring with Chen Pilchen, a Thai financial magnate.3. In 1957, Lin Shaoliang formally stepped into the financial industry and founded the Bank of Asia, which also opened 14 branches in Southeast Asia and other places.When an entity entrepreneur, with financial support, in the business like a tiger added wings, can not be stopped by external forces.Also from 1957, Lin Shaoliang built a collection of industry, entity, gold integration of Lin group.After more than 20 years of development, Lin Shaoliang had personal wealth of 6 billion US dollars in 1994, and the total assets of Lin Group exceeded 18.4 billion US dollars in 1995.In such a scene, in fact, the crisis is everywhere, the detonating line is already ready to go, the difference is a fire folding son.In 1997, Soros sniped southeast Asian countries, which made a lot of money, but also caused the economic crisis in Southeast Asia.And that was the beginning of Lin shaoliang’s disaster.Because of the red top, Lin Shaoliang’s background is very hard, in all fields have earned.But for others, it almost cuts them off, widening the gap between the rich and the poor.The economic crisis has brought panic and brought the gap between rich and poor into the open.At the beginning, the Lin Group also offered materials to help, but it was nothing but a drop in the bucket. With the help of others, the local Chinese businessmen and ethnic Chinese were attacked again and again.Because the local anger spilled all over the Chinese businessmen, thought that they took away the rice bowl, successive rounds of smashing and looting, shops everywhere were destroyed.Lin Shaoliang, at that time, could not avoid this disaster, he had to temporarily avoid Singapore.Although Lin Siu-liang was rich in Southeast Asia, he suffered such a disaster in his old age. It is a pity.But Lin shaoliang’s business stayed on. During the economic crisis, Lin did not lay off workers. “It’s about 600,000 families,” He explains.But the richest Chinese position in the past, Lin Shaoliang is to give up, let the younger generation take turns to sit.Lin Shaoliang’s ups and downs in the market, no matter how prosperous, no matter how the outcome, can not erase his contribution to his hometown.In his hometown of Fuqing, he invested $100 million to build schools, factories and hotels there.For a long time in the past, coastal cities had Chinese businessmen to invest in, and there were enough primary and secondary schools for students to remember their achievements.In 2012, Lin Shaoliang died in Singapore, about his achievements, his legend, can only be left for future generations to say.However, looking back on Lin Shaoliang’s pioneering history, it is not difficult to find that a young man far away from his hometown in a foreign land struggles for survival and works tirelessly for the sake of broken silver. This spirit is always indelible, and it is also the mark of fujian merchants’ struggle in the market.When they stand firm, those who are competent take advantage of it, and those who are secure keep their property.And Lin Shaoliang belongs to the kind of people who dare to rush, go arms, transport drugs, for cloves, often stand on the steel line dance, also often get windfall profits from it.If Lin Shaoliang can brave into the torrent, do fan Li, Lu Zhonglian that kind of character, now naturally have a style.