Changde do these people and things warm you up?

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Editor’s note Over the years, both changde locals and foreign guests will sincerely praise Changde as a livable city.Livable city refers to the comprehensive evaluation of a city’s livable degree.A livable city is not only a beautiful environment, social security and comfortable life, but also a warm city where people live in harmony and help each other.Here, the editors present a few pieces of news, not earth-shattering feats, but soothing winds of spring.Three people in Changde are honored as “Good People of China” in 2021.Recently, the reporter learned from the municipal civilization office that in 2021, a total of 3 changde people were awarded the “Good People of China” and 20 people were awarded the “Good people of Hunan”.They interpret truth, goodness and beauty with practical actions, and show great love in the world with perseverance, struggle and courage.Song Tinghui, Hu Shengxiao and Chen Daichun were on the list of “Good People in China”.Hu Shengxiao, 85, a retired teacher, has been active in transforming his lixian No. 8 Middle School into a “children’s paradise” since he retired from the school in 1997. During weekends and summer and winter vacations, he trains children to play the piano and erhu for free.Influenced by Mr. Hu, his granddaughter also became a volunteer counselor of the “Children’s Paradise”, guarding rural children together with her grandfather.Song Tinghui is a resident of the Old Lily dormitory at the west gate of Shenliu Town, Anxiang County.In May 2017, Song tinghui’s brother was partially paralyzed and unable to take care of himself.In order to take care of his brother, Song Tinghui quit his job and went back to his hometown to rent a small shop to make a living. He spent most of his time in the tedious nursing work of washing and cooking, carrying excrement and urine, and seeking medical treatment.Under the careful care of Song Tinghui, his brother, who had been bedridden for years, had no peculiar smell, nor had he had bedsores.Chen Daichun is a villager from Group 3 of Nanmu Village, Danzhou township, Wuling District, and Chen Yuexiu, who is 98 years old this year, is his neighbor.More than 20 years ago, Chen Yuexiu’s wife passed away, her stepdaughter remarried to another county, and her grandson went to guangdong to work, so the Chen Daichun family began to take the initiative to take care of her.When Chen Yuexiu planted a vegetable plot, Chen Daichun helped her water and fertilize it.Chen Yuexiu love to eat braised pork, Chen Daichun will do a good job to her end in the past.Chen daichun and his family’s care for Chen Yuexiu vividly illustrates the traditional virtue of helping each other in the neighborhood, which has been spread as a good story by the neighboring villagers.In addition, Tan Shuhua, Chen Zhenfa, Peng Zicheng and other 20 people on the “Hunan good people” list.”Omnipotent director” Qin Shuhua in Shimen County Luoping township nursing home work for more than ten years, take care of more than 100 old people;Chen Zhenfa has been protecting huping Mountain forest for 30 years and is known as the “living map” of plant scientific research.Ninety-year-old teacher Peng Zicheng retired after the use of spare heat, leading his children and grandchildren to build roads and Bridges for his hometown……There is no breathtaking rhetoric, no earth-shattering feat, they write great with ordinary, gathered positive moral strength, interpretation of the supreme lofty moral character, leading the social civilization of the new era in yuan Li land.On January 28, an old man in his 70s came to a hospital in the city to visit his son and got lost when he returned home. Fortunately, he met warm-hearted citizens. Finally, the police and the people joined hands to let the old man back home.At about 16 o ‘clock that day, the city public Security Bureau Wuling branch hebo police station received an area of a gas station staff alarm, an old man in the city of Liuye Avenue and Chang Li Road intersection near the road to walk back and forth, look anxious, suspected lost.The police rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the police.The warm-hearted staff of the gas station had taken her to the station and offered her a cup of hot tea.Through patient inquiry and communication, the police learned that the old man surnamed Liu, 70 years old, from Shimenqiao, Jingkai District, Changde, was suffering from mild alzheimer’s disease.She vaguely remembered that she had taken a bus from her hometown in the morning to visit her son in a hospital in the city. When she returned, she could not remember the way home.Police while using police search comparison, while looking for useful information from the old man.The police found a mobile phone in the old man’s pocket, which was turned on silent, showing more than 20 missed calls.The police called back and got in touch with xiang, the elder son of the old man.Mr. Xiang, who was looking for people, rushed to hebo police station at 17:00 and picked up his mother.To Mr. Immediately expressed gratitude, and told the police: “mother went out early in the morning disappeared, the family is anxious around, thanks to your warm heart help!”And news (correspondent Chen Manli) On the evening of February 2, an old man in his 70s went out for a walk and got lost. The baima Lake police station of wuling Branch of municipal Public Security Bureau was enthusiastic to send him home.At about 17:00 on February 2nd, baima Lake police station received a report that an old man was wandering back and forth at the intersection of Zaoguo Road and Dongting Avenue in the district, looking confused and suspected to be lost.Police on duty immediately went to the police, ask the old man’s identity information, the old man can not answer, the surrounding crowd no one knows her.After failing to help the old man find his relatives around, the police brought the old man back to the police station.The police patiently asked the old man if he remembered where he lived, but the old man could not tell his name and home address, and there was no identifying information on him.To help the elderly find family members, police use police to find comparison, while searching for peripheral monitoring, deduce the old track of action.Finally, the police through portrait comparison to find the old man’s identity information.After learning the old woman’s identity, the police immediately contacted her family by phone.Originally, the old man suffering from alzheimer’s disease, early in the morning to go for a walk but do not remember the way home.When the police saw the sky was dark, they drove the old man home.Police remind: the elderly suffering from diseases, memory loss and slow action easy to get lost, the family must pay more attention to the elderly, try to avoid going out alone;Usually place a small card with contact information on the old person in case of need;Found the elderly lost in the home, family members to timely alarm for help, about the time of the lost, the approximate location and the old man’s name, age, physical appearance and clothing characteristics;If lost or in trouble, please dial 110 immediately.On February 2 at 4:00 PM, dingcheng public Security Bureau traffic police brigade received a call from the masses, said a one-year-old child at home suddenly had a high fever, now family car ready to go to the hospital, please traffic police help escort medical treatment.The traffic police acted quickly after receiving the police and opened a fast ambulance channel for them.Dingcheng District Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade bridge south squadron police received help, while calling to determine the location of help, help help planning driving route, while rushed to the agreed Yangming road and Ding City road intersection meet.At the agreed intersection, waiting for the white car to ask for help, qiaonan Squadron duty officers immediately in front of the police car open.Through flashing lights, whistling propaganda, traffic police for help opened a fast lifeline, five minutes through the Yuanjiang tunnel and traffic flow of the main road, the city of changde city, a high fever of 40℃ children sent to the children’s health care hospital.Fortunately, the child was sent to the hospital in a timely manner.On February 3rd, 14 volunteers donated platelets at the blood bank in the city center in order to ensure the demand for clinical blood and make the patients with ischemia turn the corner.Ding Qiaojun, a nurse on duty at a blood station in the city center, said that because the shelf life of apheresis platelets is only 5 days, during the Spring Festival holiday, hospitals in the city made a list of planned blood use.The central blood bank contacted the volunteers in advance through wechat group and telephone, and told them not to eat too greasy food or drink alcohol the day before donation, and to ensure the quality of sleep.”During the Spring Festival, when every family is having a big meal, all the platelets donated by the volunteers meet the standards and cooperate to complete the collection work.”In order to the early recovery of patients, volunteers throughout the Spring Festival also actively respond to voluntary blood donation.Liu Zhenghua, a volunteer, braved the cold wind and rode a motorcycle for half an hour from Guanxi Town, Dingcheng District to donate. When he arrived, he was shivering with cold. It took him a while to recover from the cold.Li Shujin, a volunteer, was worried about the difficulty of ordering take-out food during the Spring Festival, so she prepared meals from home and shared them with the staff and volunteers.Volunteer Li Mengfei worried about the shortage of staff on duty, the family of old people, children to his wife to take care of, specially came to the downtown blood station to help.”And my colleague yao Li, who was on duty, volunteered to donate 1.5 therapeutic amounts of platelets after finishing her work in the case of type A platelet shortage.”According to Ding Qiaojun, under the efforts of the staff and the positive response of volunteers, the central blood bank completed the collection of 14 times and collected a total of 24.5 therapeutic quantities of platelets.