Bright Dairy: two employees of dairy Factory No. 4 have been isolated with abnormal antigen, and no products have been released to the market

2022-06-15 0 By

On April 4, the Internet spread that the guangming milk factory was in chaos, and posted a picture saying that two employees had tested positive and several secret connections had been taken away.On The evening of April 4, bright Dairy released a statement on its official weibo account, saying that on April 2, two employees in the fourth dairy plant of Bright Dairy had abnormal antigen test results.In view of this situation, Bright Dairy has quarantined its employees as required, closed the factory and carried out comprehensive elimination work.Dairy Factory No. 4 has stopped production on March 31 due to cooperation with containment management. All products in the factory have been sealed up and no products have been released to the market.All bright Dairy products sold in the market are produced by other factories and there are no product safety issues, the company said on its official weibo account.Thank you for your understanding, please rest assured to purchase.(source: The Paper) Editor: Sun Feifei more content please pay attention to the new Yellow River client.Search “New Yellow River” in app store, download and install.The new Yellow River flows with The Times!