After the United States brazenly under the black hand, “China and Russia together” detonated public opinion, Russian experts honest poke the United States heart

2022-06-15 0 By

Recently, the conflict between the US and Russia has been intensified due to the Ukraine issue. The US has clamor that it will not rule out imposing sanctions on Russia, and has sent a large number of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Russia has responded forcefully, not to be outdone.At the same time, the deepening cooperation between China and Russia has attracted wide attention and heated discussion worldwide.In response, some Russian media published an article saying, “The THREAT from the United States is bringing China and Russia closer and closer.”According to reference news reports, Russian media that China is pursued the policy situation in Ukraine, according to Minsk agreement peace reconcile differences, but the west is malicious speculation says China and Russia wanted to pull the United States under the global hegemony the altar, it is the British foreign secretary, Elizabeth tesla said during a visit to Australia, and western union members, led by the United States,They used this as an excuse to impose unreasonable suppression on China and Russia.In the view of Alexander Lukin, director of international relations at the Russian Higher School of Economics, it is America’s “self-destructive” policy that is actually forcing China and Russia to strive for a change in the international order, one that will be established in half the world, if not the whole world, such as Eurasia.On the other hand, the United States wantonly contained all the countries it did not like, which objectively prompted the countries that Washington did not like to “get closer to each other”, seeking to safeguard national sovereignty is the basis for these countries to approach.However, it should be noted that China and Russia follow the policy of non-alignment, and the so-called “China-Russia military alliance” hyped up by western media is nothing but a backward accusation.Russia’s ambassador to China, andrei denisov, also stressed that Russia and China to establish a bilateral military alliance is not interested in any, not long ago the anglo-australian established in The Three Kingdoms “orcus” military alliance is on who, outside can see the very situation, and Russia against the practice of “clique” for the third party, also have no incentive to take similar steps.In addition, in the face of the United States browbeating and discredit, andrei denisov was tracked for China, said eight years ago Russia sochi, there are some people in order to seek their own political interests, to destroy activities such as false news, to reduce the popularity of the Russian, but eight years ago, or want to be in these plots are doomed to fail.On the situation in Ukraine, Denisov revealed that Russia has held consultations with the US and NATO. Although it has no direct relationship with China, As a major international issue, China has kept a close eye on the progress of the situation, and Russia will regularly inform China of the contents and results of the negotiations.China “fully and appropriately understands” Russia’s diplomatic moves.