According to the men’s soccer standard to the women’s soccer bonus!Huang Jianxiang lambasted men’s football, Wang Shuang’s voice let a person move

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Falling behind twice and tying twice, the tenacious Chinese women’s soccer team did not give up in the passive situation of the scene.Zhu Yu was the hero of China’s women’s football team, saving twice in a penalty shootout as captain Wang Shanshan clinched a 6-5 victory over Japan to advance to the Asian Cup final against South Korea on Saturday for the first time in 14 years.This match, The Chinese women’s football team perfectly interpreted the sonorous rose women’s football spirit, their tenacity on the field, let a person admire.In this match against Japan, Wang Shuang, the core of Chinese women’s football team, was missing because of injury, which had a great impact on the team. We should know that in the first three games, Wang Shuang scored 5 goals and also made many assists, and was the core of the team’s attack.In the face of difficulties, Shuiqingxia did not complain, but actively adjust, Wang Shanshan back to the central defensive position to strengthen the defense, front court arrangement of young Wu Chengshu, Zhang Linyan, the goal is to fight opponents.From the field, The Chinese women’s football team is really very passive, in the first half of 3 shots, did not hit the goal, the Japanese team is 9 shots, 3 shots, to take a 1-0 lead.However, Shui’s timely substitution paid off as xiao Yuyi and Zhang Rui made the difference in the second half, with Xiao setting up Wu Chengshu to score the equalizer in the 46th minute.The Japanese team still took the initiative on the court, but the Chinese women’s football team’s defense was tenacious.The game went into extra time, the advanced goal is still The Japanese team, at this time, the Chinese women’s football team has reached the limit of physical fitness, but their fighting spirit is still exuberant.In the 119th minute, Wang Shanshan equalized the score for the women’s football team. As the captain, she was guest central defender, solid defense.At the critical moment, she returned to the original striker and continued hope for Chinese women’s football team.Penalty shootout, Zhu Yu became a hero, she repeatedly shouted teammates in the game, the temperament of the game is very good.In the face of the penalty kick of Japan, she was confident, brave and made two brilliant saves, which helped The Chinese women’s football team get the final ticket of the Asian Cup.For this match, Huang Jianxiang directly compared the men’s football team, pointed out that the men’s football team did not have the morale of the girls, Han Qiaosheng pointed out that the Chinese women’s football team has blood, backbone, this is the spirit of women’s football.Wang Shuang, who was unable to play due to injury, said bluntly: “You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team.”Indeed, The Chinese women’s football team won the fans’ recognition with their own performance, and they also made The Chinese football team see hope again.The men’s team lost to Vietnam and the Chinese women’s team beat Vietnam.The men’s team lost to Japan, the Chinese women beat Japan, and that’s the difference, the obvious difference.Perhaps, on the field, The Chinese women’s football team is also very passive, but their efforts on the field, absolutely worth learning.Some reporters also mentioned the bonus issue of women’s football team, which is also a problem that the FOOTBALL Association needs to think about. Huang Jianxiang also called for the women’s football team to be given a bonus according to the standard of 6 million yuan if the men’s football team wins a match.The Asian Cup final between China women’s football team and South Korea will be held on February 6th, this Asian Cup, CCTV did not live broadcast the women’s football team’s match, fans want to watch the women’s football team’s match, can only pay, of course, such a match is worth the money.However, the final of the Women’s Asian Cup should attract more attention, and more people should see and expect that there will be new changes.