When Australia reopens next Monday, Chinese tourists won’t be able to return!Chinese Travel Service: Look forward to normal operation this year and next

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Australia will reopen to tourists next week after its international borders were closed for nearly two years, SBS reported.But as Australia’s biggest tourism market, Chinese tourists are still hard to come back to.One spring morning before the coronavirus outbreak, Kate Bradley stepped out of her cafe and stood in front of a berry farm on Tasmania’s east coast and was shocked by what she saw.It wasn’t the turbulent waters of Great Oyster Bay or the inky serenity mountains of Freycinet National Park that startled her. It was the 16 tour buses packed with hundreds of Chinese tourists.”I looked in the parking lot and it blew my mind,” Bradley says.It was a sea of people so I went in and told the women, ‘Behave, we have a busy day’.”Bradley founded Kate’s Berry Farm 34 years ago and, through word of mouth, it has become a must-check spot for thousands of Chinese visitors to Wineglass Bay, Tasmania.”Before the outbreak, we received about 50,000 travelers a year, 70 percent of whom were from China,” she said.But now, without those tourists, the picture is very different.Meanwhile, businesses large and small across Australia have also been hit hard by the lack of international visitors.Prior to the outbreak, NSW’s Blue Mountains Scenic World received 1.1 million annual visitors, of which about 650,000 were international visitors, including about 200,000 from China.Scenic World’s Anthea Hammon says they are struggling without these visitors.”We’ve been struggling for more than two years with less than 25 percent occupancy,” he said.Unfortunately, the domestic market cannot make up for this loss.”In Victoria, other tourism companies are facing a similar situation.In 2019, 70% (about 500,000) of the total visitors to Phillip Island Nature Parks were international visitors, but these people have all but disappeared in the past two years.(photo: SBS website) international visitors to return to Australia to fully vaccinated (except western Australia) is the international tourists to reopen the border, although in the past few months, there has been a part of the visitors from Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea exemption entry, but from the beginning of the next week, visa holders from all over the world will be able to enter.However, for a variety of reasons, It will be difficult to see Chinese tourists in Australia.More than 9.4 million international tourists visited Australia in 2019, contributing A $31.43 billion to the economy, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.Of these tourists, more than 1.3 million were from China, contributing A $10.3 billion to the economy.Sun Jian of China Travel Service in Sydney said tourism had really suffered because of the lack of tourists.”It’s a big number,” Sun said. “We can only hope to get back to normal in 2022 or 2023.”While the company, which specialises in inbound Tours for Chinese tourists, has survived with Australia’s help, Sun admits that many other similar companies have not been so lucky. “It’s hard and it’s not over yet,” he says.Why can’t tourists come back?August 2021, McKinsey & AMP;In a report, Company noted that China’s “outbound tourism is likely to remain subdued over the next 12 to 18 months” for a number of reasons.”We have received some inquiries about VFR travel, but the 14-day quarantine is a hurdle,” Sun said.It is clear that China’s inbound tourism market will not recover until these restrictions are lifted.”But even visiting friends and family has its limits.”China has approved six COVID-19 vaccines, of which only two (Sinovac and Sinopsin) have been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Medicines Authority (TGA),” Mr Sun said.The TGA currently only approves the entry of passengers under 60 years old who have been vaccinated with Chinese medicines and vaccines, which makes it more difficult for elderly Chinese to enter Australia.”