We know the weather! It rains every day, when will the snow be arranged?

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Yesterday officially entered the “fifty-nine” days said “fifty-nine sixty-nine along the river to see the willow” now willow has not only wet every day……
From the national level, this wave of precipitation is mainly concentrated in the central and eastern parts of China, shaanxi, Henan, Hubei and other places where there is heavy snow and our magu today in the south of the line of rain and snow mainly rain today weather
It still is today
Cloudy with showers
Accumulative rainfall may be moderate locally
The temperature is between 6 and 8℃
With winds from the northeast ranging from force 4 to Force 5, it’s chilling…The weather trend
Recently the cold and warm air stalemate like under the meiyu strength of the winter rain look at this rain belt for several days basically do not move nest in the next few days rain hegemony screen early Spring Festival is mostly cloudy
Only around 31 and 2 days
There was a brief lull in precipitation
However, the expected snow is also scheduled for the night of The 28th and 29th with the possibility of intermittent sleet and snow temperatures in the single digits
Minimum temperature 1~4℃
The highest 6 ~ 9 ℃
The Spring Festival will come
Please keep an eye on the weather
Travel safely
Edit: Wu Baixin material: Shanghai early warning issued by Shanghai issued * reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat view number author: Shanghai Yangpu