Difeng Street wudi County: Spring Festival does not close, guard non-stop

2022-06-14 0 By

Binzhou February 5 – “firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into tu Su.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.”As the Spring Festival in 2022 approaches, people may set off on their way home to reunite with their parents, wives and children and enjoy their extended family.Or gather with relatives and friends to celebrate the Spring Festival.However, there is a group of people, is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery in the Spring Festival, they continue to work on the good class, stand good guard, with a few people stick to, in return for the majority of people’s reunion, they are the most beautiful “Di Feng people”.In Difeng Street, Wudi County, medical workers stayed at their posts during the Spring Festival, and community members continued to promote vaccination services for those who came to get vaccinated during the holiday.The nucleic acid sampling centers in the street will be closed 24 hours during the holidays, and nucleic acid testing will be conducted immediately for those returning to Di and those going out to ensure the closed-loop management of joint prevention and control.The staff of street emergency offices and environmental protection stations abandoned their homes to take care of everyone. They strengthened patrol and prevention in areas, locations and key periods of time, and solidly promoted the ban on burning and releasing, laying a solid foundation for winning the “battle to protect the blue sky”.On duty on duty, stick to serve the people “front line” there is a guard called “I am on duty”.During the Spring Festival, Difeng street strictly implement the leading cadres 24 hours on duty system, by 2 leaders and three cadres on duty in the daytime, by 1 leader and 4 cadres on duty in the evening.We will spare no efforts in epidemic prevention and control, safety prevention and emergency response to ensure a happy, peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival for the people.(Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong Media Center reporter Song Chuncorrespondent Cao Qingping)