Can you get rich by planting camellia trees in Qi Yang!

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Want to know more wonderful content, quick to pay attention to Qi Yang discovery recently, pass through Qi Yang city along river road, see the wholesale price of camellia tree is very cheap, 100 saplings want 50 dollars only, so, I bought 100 decisively, returned to the village to plant on.Before I went to bed at night, I did a careful calculation!I think, as long as I in the past few years, can put the camellia good cultivation, fertilizer, will let it grow faster, bigger, mature, the fruit will be full, extracted camellia oil will be more!Counting, I smiled, did not think that camellia tree is a magic weapon to get rich!As long as my camellia trees grow very big, there will be a lot of harvest!For example, I plant 100 camellia trees, can harvest once a year, according to the survival rate of 2:1, a large adult camellia tree, can squeeze at least 2 jin of tea oil, according to the market price of the minimum 50 yuan a catty, a tree has 100 yuan, 50 yuan is 5000 yuan.I am wondering whether I should invest 10,000 yuan to buy 2,000 camellia trees and plant them. After a few years, even if only 1,000 trees survive, I can achieve an annual income of nearly 100,000 yuan!Do you think you can make a fortune by planting camellia trees in Qiyang?# Qiyang Discovery #