War of the Ages: Powerful frost giant with a detailed 1/35 scale action figure

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These days, it feels like the Transformers are getting more and more boring, both officially and by third parties, as if they’ve lost the original BW, RID, A, C, and E series of the early 20th century, only to tweak and rework the original formula of THE G1 and live-action movies, doing the same design over and over again.On the other hand, some of the other IP shape-shifting robots are more interesting.# Transformers Toys # before, I played the Magic of Action Toys, a Hong Kong brand. In fact, recently, Toy Alliance, a Hong Kong brand, also launched a series of shapeshifting robots, “Legend of the Ancient World”, in the form of 1/35 scale, and matched with movable dolls, which is also very interesting.”Unreal Ancient War” takes place on the otherworldly continent of “Asgard Land”. The Viks discovered the underground relics and built a powerful civilization with the ancient civilization technology, using the imaginary ancient giants as military weapons.This time it’s frost Giant and the accompanying Grizzly Guard Corps, Captain Orne Lodbroch.Frost Giant is a black robot with a very strong appearance. The ratio between the limbs and the body is full of power. The body is shaped with mechanical and muscular features, and the head carving design is more like a beast.Accessories include two daggers, a giant hammer and a round shield that can be folded and inserted into the armor in front of the calf.In addition, the details are also excellent. The fingers have sharp fingertips, which are somewhat like animal claws. The armor on the back is actually the result of multiple storage, firm and coordinated.The Frost Giant morphed into a large locomotive with enhanced armor and ancient Chinese decorative elements.The deformation process is not complicated and the vehicle integration is very high.This morphed form is the main attraction for me — it’s the same truck head as Optimus Prime.Even the head carving part, has a high mobility, there are triple joints on the neck, to help the head carving to complete the head turning, bow/look up, side swing head action, which makes the head carving in a variety of shapes can match a smart manner.All have high mobility, triple joints on the neck, to help the head carving to complete the head turn, bow/look up, side swing head action, which makes the head carving in a variety of shapes can match a smart manner.The Captain Orne Rodebroch with the Frost Giant is sold separately and at a reasonable price, so I had a hard time getting it.But this 1/35 scale action figure is worth the price.Though small in size, The Aun has a wealth of accessories, including knapsack, cloak, hammer, shield, poleaxe, rifle holster, a pair of hand grenades, a base, and various connectors and replacement hand shapes.Orne can fight alongside frost Giants or ride in the cockpit of a shape-shifting locomotive, with a very precise proportion.The figure is just over 5cm tall, slightly taller than the Lego figurines, but it is elaborately painted and has plenty of moving joints, not to mention 1/6 or 1/12 scale figurines.The doll not only has a very high mobility, the supporting base and transparent support, matching three-section movable cape, so that the doll can make a more handsome posture.Finally, for a more interesting design, Frost Giant can be combined with some of the other shape-shifting machines of Unreal Ancient War.Now there is only one other white Wolf, which can be turned into the right arm, and the combination is also very interesting. I hope the next few models will be released soon.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and recommend oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful American comic, Comic drama, toy content, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message.