Talkback children are most afraid of meeting wise parents. To improve emotional management, we need to pay attention to methods

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As children grow up, do parents find that they often rebel against their parents at home after their children’s thoughts, wars often break out between parents and children, a big quarrel on every word disagreement.Parents and children say a word, the child can talk back ten, every time the parents are not light.In the face of this performance of children, most parents can not accept, children are cute and lovely, as the age of growth, they become no longer listen to their parents, such a gap every parent needs a period of time, just really recognize this process, for parents must be harsh.It’s just that a lot of parents feel they have to get their kids to break the habit of talking back.Always talk back and don’t listen to their parents, they will become more rebellious.And always talk back, especially easy to give parents myocardial infarction emotional state.And it will make the whole family become disharmonious.Some parents yell at their children when they talk back, but this only makes them more rebellious. Wise parents can improve their children’s bad mood in several ways.For what reasons do most children talk back to their parents?Parents don’t understand their children’s feelings people only talk back when communicating, and parents talk back to their children because of communication, precisely because many parents are not willing to really understand their children’s inner feelings.When the children put forward their own opinions and are not taken seriously by their parents, the children will talk back and try to express their feelings by this way.But when parents see their children talk back, they just blame them for being insensitive and don’t really think about why they talk back.Parents can put their subjective feelings in the first place when communicating with their children, so that their children can feel that they are respected. After all, as they grow older, they are eager to be respected like adults.Some children always talk back to their parents, simply because they don’t like their parents’ behavior.For example, there are some parents, they have the situation of improper words and deeds, improper words and deeds includes breaking promises to children, but can not keep the promise, in the eyes of children, such parents do not need respect.When their parents educate them, they will rebel.Some parents are particularly dignified in front of their children. They are well-behaved, never faithless, and have a good sense of morality.In front of such parents, children never dare to talk back, because they know they have much to learn from their parents.Although today’s parents protect their children well, they are so egoistic to some extent that they never consider their feelings in front of their children. When their children are wronged, they will accuse them by talking back.Hopefully parents will realize that they are not being treated fairly, which happens more often than not in second-child families.This is why after having erbao, Dabao is not lovely, with the emergence of erbao, Dabao felt the crisis, but also feel that parents no longer pay attention to their own, feel wronged, will talk back to their parents.What does a wise parent do when their child talks back?Parents are usually more upset than their kids when their kids talk back. They can’t believe their big kids are yelling at them, so they use violence to show their kids who’s boss in the family.But such action is not usually wise, and wise parents try to get their children to stop talking back in a few gentle ways.Communications-oriented parents want to calm the situation down when their child starts talking back. They will initiate a solution that involves further communication.A lot of democratic parents will say to their children: Calm down, we’ll talk in 10 minutes, mom and dad will listen to you, they will pay attention to your feelings.Wait ten minutes, when the child’s temper is not so impatient, and then continue to communicate with the child.Parents will find that in fact, the heart of the child just feel wronged, but also do not feel the understanding of parents, when parents give them some attention and tolerance, the child will not always talk back.After communicating with their children, parents should also tell their children that there are problems to solve through communication in this way, talk to mom and dad, slowly speak out their own ideas and opinions, not to talk back, it will make mom and dad sad.When parents say this, children will take the initiative to consider their parents’ feelings and will not be capricious as before.If parents never talk back to their children, their parents will feel sad when they talk back, and the children will feel that they can continue to talk back, regardless of their parents’ feelings.Children always talk back, indicating poor emotional control ability, how to solve the parents?Improve children’s emotional management ability Can not control their own bad emotions, will produce some negative emotions, and make some strange behavior to bring people around.Talking back to parents is a sign that children can’t control their bad feelings.Parents should guide children to give vent to their bad emotions reasonably, not to give vent to their temper on others.Parents should Consider Their Children’s feelings Before children can learn to manage their emotions, parents must be aware of their children’s emotions and accept them.If parents never consider their children’s feelings, children will not consider others’ feelings when communicating with others. When parents are tolerant and patient enough, children’s emotional state is also calm.Let children learn to calm emotions that people are easy to quarrel with others, because your emotions too impulsive, bad mood has not eased, will produce the contradiction and conflict with others, parents also want to tell their children, if the mood is bad, is in a huff, let yourself alone, through some other ways to transfer attention,Stop talking to people when you’re angry. It hurts every relationship and can cause problems in your own personal relationships.The author concludes that when many parents talk back to their children, the first thing they think of is that their children are not as sensible as they used to be.In fact, when parents face such problems, they should consider whether they respect their children’s ideas?Do not blame all the problems on the child, the child’s problem is also the problem of education, which is the most easy to ignore the problem of parents.Today’s interactive, what do you think parents should do when their children talk back all the time?Leave a comment in the comments section.For more exciting content, follow Mom Onion on education