Prison also has “Spring Festival activities”, singing, dancing all, netizens feel very humanized!

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These days are the Spring Festival, and many people are also eating a reunion dinner and buying supplies for the New Year.Do you know how the prisoners in the prison spend the Spring Festival?Are there any Spring Festival Gala or activities?Today, Lao Wang will take you to know about it and see what activities there are!First of all, the food is good these days.Chicken, duck, fish, beef, some places can also eat dumplings.Basically, every prisoner can eat abundant food and feel the care and concern of the Party and the state for these people.Secondly, during the Spring Festival in prison, there are generally three kinds of activities to participate in, Lao Wang follows you in turn to introduce: 1, sports competition, the first kind of sports competition, mainly to strengthen physical exercise.Such as table tennis, badminton, chess, tug-of-war, etc., prisoners can sign up for the events they want to participate in, and they can release their pressure and show their athletic ability on the competition field, which is also a way to relax their body and mind.Some prisons will also set up a prize competition, the best people can get some rewards, such as daily necessities or food.Secondly, there are a lot of cultural and recreational activities during the Spring Festival.For example, we all watch the news broadcast, watch the Spring Festival Gala, watch patriotic education films and learn a lot of “political culture” courses.In addition, the prison Spring Festival gala is also arranged, mainly in the form of singing and dancing, but the theme is still patriotic and family-oriented.3, the third way should be most of the prisoners look forward to, that is the family phone.The Spring Festival itself is a festival for reunion. These people are sent to prison for committing crimes. However, they always miss their relatives during the festival.For example, family phone, write letters home, text messages and so on, to report their own transformation with the family, but also to understand the status of some of the family.In this way, the prisoners’ mood of rehabilitation can be stabilized and their confidence in rehabilitation can be enhanced.In general, recreational activities or sports competitions in prison can enrich the spare time life of prisoners and create a positive, healthy and upward prison culture.During the Spring Festival, I can also feel the festive atmosphere and eat some food that I can’t normally eat.In this way, efforts can be made to transform and speed up the goal of rushing to the other side of the new life.But again, don’t do anything criminal, be a law-abiding citizen.What do you think of it?