How to treat a doctor differently during Chinese New Year?Different go to a doctor put on record to understand!

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Peninsula all media reporter Chang Wei every festival times miss relatives!The Spring Festival is coming and everyone is looking forward to getting together with their families.What if I need medical treatment in other places?Don’t worry, there is a record of medical records.Since January 1 this year, Qingdao city began to implement a new policy of long-distance medical treatment.Qingdao insured people who temporarily go to other cities in the province for medical treatment due to family visits, travel and other reasons do not need to go through the registration procedures for medical treatment in other places, regardless of whether they are in hospital, outpatient or outpatient with chronic disease, and the medical expenses can be directly settled online.If Qingdao ginseng protects a person to live in other place to amount to 6 months above, or because visit relatives, travel wait for a reason temporarily need to be in outside province be in hospital or common outpatient service is treated, can undertake different place go to a doctor to put on record directly through the line, put on record success, can be in go to a doctor local network to settle accounts directly.1. Open the wechat public account of “Qingdao Medical Insurance” and click “Palm Office Hall” – “Palm Office · My Medical insurance” successively to enter the interface of “Common Medical insurance”;Or open the wechat mini program of “Qingdao Medical Insurance” to enter the interface of “Commonly used medical insurance”.2. In the “Common medical insurance” function, click “Remote record” – “Add new remote record”.3. Select a remote filing scenario based on the actual situation.If you live, live or work in other places for more than 6 months, choose “Long-term Resident registration in other places”.If you go out for medical treatment temporarily across provinces, select “Record of People going out for Medical treatment temporarily across provinces”.4. Carefully read the notice for registration in different places and click “Read and agree”.5. Fill in the record information and contact information, and complete the electronic signature of personal commitment letter for record.Once you are sure, click “Submit”.6. Open the wechat public account of “Qingdao Medical Insurance”, and click “Palm Office Hall” – “Palm Office · My Medical insurance” – “Long-distance filing” in order to check the filing information.Or open the wechat mini program of “Qingdao Medical Insurance” and click “Long-distance filing” in the “Common Medical insurance” section to view the filing results.Of course, Qingdao ginseng protects a person to be able to deal with different ground go to a doctor to put on record not only for oneself, still can be the family such as oneself parents, children to deal with different ground go to a doctor to put on record, not only left out the time that deals with to the window, put on record flow on the line is very convenient likewise.As you do for your family for long-distance medical treatment for the record, can process as in step 1 above, PM on “Qingdao health” WeChat public, or “health care” Qingdao WeChat small program, enter “medicare” commonly used interface, click the “deputy agent” button, fill in the information by deputy man, to brush a face authentication, after the success of the certification can deal with the record.The filing method is the same as step 2 to step 6 above.If accidental harm is in hospital put on record be in other place because of accidental injury need be in hospital, how should that do?Don’t worry, accidental injury record can also be handled from the online.If be in ginseng before protect a person to leave hospital, accident harm puts on record examine and approve through, ginseng the charge of be in hospital that protect a person to produce can net account of accounts of accounts directly in place place hospital.Has yet to deal with accident harm for the record, also don’t worry, stay after the treatment, ginseng protect people can hold door (urgent) adjust calendar, hospital medical record copy (or diagnostic materials), cost summary detail and effective instrument, etc., to the medical insurance agency orgnaization of ginseng seat window to handle manually submit an expense account, if there are any third party claims, remember to bring the third party to pay material with at the same time.Warm reminder If the insured is hospitalized due to accidental injury in Shandong Province, there is no need to apply for the record of medical treatment in other places;If the insured person is hospitalized outside Shandong province because of accidental injury, he/she also needs to deal with cross-province different medical treatment to put on record in addition, and the specific process can be seen above “different medical treatment to put on record” process.