Guard the flower of life!The Experimental School in Yuanhui District of Luohe carried out anti-bullying and anti-violence activities on campus

2022-06-13 0 By

Bullying and violence in schools have become a hot topic of public concern.In order to further purify the campus environment, prevent bullying incidents, enhance students’ awareness of self-protection, and promote students’ physical and mental health, the Experimental School in Yuanhui District of Luohe city recently launched an education activity themed “anti-bullying and anti-violence”.On April 5, school teacher in charge against violence “campus bullying” project meeting, Li Hongzhi vice President led the head teacher learned recently published online bullying cases, then read the campus bullying prevention emergency response plans, clear related staff to prevent and deal with bullying, the duty of the bullying special projects, scratching, fine work,Put an end to all school bullying incidents.On April 6th, the school held a class meeting with the theme of “No school violence, no school bullying”.Teacher in charge teacher with students to watch the safety education platform on the initial research on bullying knowledge education of primary and middle school students in a special class, the students by watching video, to further understand the dangers of bullying, strengthens the legal knowledge, but also further mastered after bullying, the disposal measures to improve the students’ safety awareness and self-protection capability.This activity, the whole school students to improve the understanding of campus bullying behavior, and know how to refuse campus violence, protect themselves, for the creation of a harmonious, safe campus laid a solid foundation.(Li Tiantian) For the education system of the province to collect contributions, long and short videos, hot topics, etc., to provide live events.Information :13700879992, news hotline: 0371-61178992.Email: