What do you mean by order

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Bill of entry means “bank bill of entry”.1. “Bank drawing statement” is the certificate for the holder or payee to deposit the bill funds into the account of the opening bank, and also the certificate for the opening bank to record the bill funds into the account of the holder or payee.”Bank receipts” is divided into three bank receipts and two bank receipts.Different holders shall use different “bank receipts” according to regulations.2. The first line of the “double bank statement” is the receipt to the holder, and the second line is the bank credit voucher.When filling in the bank receipt, the holder must clearly fill in the type of the bill, the quantity of the bill, the name of the payee and other fields, and submit the bill together with the relevant bank personnel.Upon acceptance, the bank shall stamp the transfer seal on the first copy and return it to the holder, who shall keep the account accordingly.3. When using “bank statement”, it should be noted that when dealing with an overpaid “bank statement”, the customer must fill in the “bank statement” according to different types of bills and different clearing banks to which the check issuer belongs. It should not be confused.The name, account number, amount and content of the payee filled in the “bank statement” shall not be changed.The magnetic code area at the bottom of the “bank receipts” must be kept clean.