Is Sun Wukong getting a divorce?The man repeatedly find fault monkey sister-in-law study check, the third Angle of view real hammer script?

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Sun Wukong monkey sister-in-law wedding has not a prime, why this time was the explosion of divorce?Ho’s answer is intriguing.Bai Fumei he Yuxin’s lavish wedding has been in the spotlight since Internet star Sun Wukong, who has more than 40 million followers, decided to marry her.However, in order to actively respond to the call and set a good example for the vast number of netizens and fans, Sun Wukong decided to sacrifice his ego for the sake of his larger ego, and the official announcement of the wedding postponed.But when the Monkey King and the monkey sister-in-law can get married, it is still a curious question.But the situation in China is still very serious, and some cities will not be lifted until mid-April, which means the couple will have to wait more than a month to get married.Can be in the net friend laments these two people good things grind, sun Wukong why can be said to be deliberately find fault, but also make the net friend call straight want to divorce, straight.It turns out that Sun Wukong recently updated a video in his fiancee’s travel, he is showing off his driving skills.He Yuxin just wanted to repair a lipstick in the car, but did not expect the monkey deliberately accelerated suddenly.He Yuxin put lipstick on her face because of inertia, which made the monkey sister-in-law very uncomfortable, and even directly moved her hand.This also can’t help but let the audience in front of the screen, Sun Wukong this is completely in find fault.After he Yuxin is ready to pour water, dipping paper towels to wipe off the lipstick on his face, Sun Wukong is a sharp acceleration, He Yuxin was again caught off guard, the body, face were splashed with water.This he Yuxin became a face, angrily said to go back to remove makeup, sun Wukong was innocent in the side.So in the comments section, there was a voice saying if you want a divorce.But to say sun Wukong word of mouth fell so fast reason, also should be a few days ago the script storm.Many have questioned whether the Monkey King’s wedding was a carefully scripted affair.A recent third view photo confirmed this rumor.Some netizens broke the news that the third perspective of Sun Wukong’s video shooting also revealed the secret of Sun Wukong’s video shooting, which really made people surprised.Can also see from the photo, Sun Wukong and another girl in the hands of each holding a script is reciting lines, there is a slightly mature girl beside.Turn a head and sun Wukong to talk, no accident is this play director, responsible for the whole video shooting process, so that Sun Wukong is not as real as the video, and the vast majority of net red, are acting with the script.Some netizens could not accept this, but also said that they had discovered this point long ago closed.But when it comes to network red video script, it is not a new thing, a network red in the drama is also very good, the general plot ups and downs, hierarchical, accurate and vivid lines of video ninety-nine percent are planned in advance.The video of Sun Wukong obviously belongs to the former. The lines are spoken very steadily, the plot contains close logic, and the editing in the later stage is also very careful.How could sun Wukong have amassed more than 40 million fans in just a few years if he hadn’t mastered these details?But in addition to Sun Wukong He Yuxin’s recently updated video has also been questioned.Monkey sister-in-law invited a female Internet celebrity to her home. She liked the cake made by He Yuxin, but the two revealed many details during their chat.It turned out to be a female online celebrity.Before he Yuxin taught the royal husband to teach her how to check, that day is to check the results.It was this brief conversation that led netizens to doubt that the relationship between the two had broken down, and that only two people lack trust would choose to check the gang.Sun Wukong is so fat, why call Sun Wukong to say car, eight quit so thin, why call eight quit to say car Sun Wukong repeatedly recruit black is why after all?Some netizens revealed that sun Wukong, Ba Jie and Hu Ge belong to the same company. There are many car bloggers online, but each one has his own style, which is the script and which is the real one.But it’s all so confusing that it makes you wonder if there’s a real car critic on one of these sounds?Maybe it started as a car blogger, but as time goes on, it will be gradually lost to the interests, not to mention the resources of the company behind it.Moreover, there is a certain difference between car bloggers and car network celebrities. Car bloggers sincerely introduce models and performance to fans and find the right car for them.But that car celebrities will only use all kinds of marketing methods to attract traffic.There are some real things in their videos, but most of them rely on hype to attract eyeballs and realize the purpose of high cash.Some netizens also questioned Sun Wukong’s professionalism as a car critic.Because he finished watching all the videos of Sun Wukong, he found that sun Wukong said the letter, year what can be copied on the Internet, the net friend knows all, but still won’t say that he is a car critic.However, whether sun Wukong is a real car or a real actor, he is still an Internet sensation with more than 40 million followers.As long as you don’t do anything particularly out of the ordinary, his account’s performance ability is still not to be underestimated.Rijindidiao gold is not a dream, only hope that he can be more sincere, less routine, heart to provide real car video for users.