A blue diamond triggered a series of blood murders in 30 years, the two countries are at loggerheads, the mystery remains

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In the summer of 1989, a Thai worker named Jiang Kelai stole a lot of jewelry from Saudi Prince Faisal’s house.The collection includes, but is not limited to: 90 kilograms of DOLLAR bills, hundreds of beads, several gem necklaces, diamond and gold watches, and a precious blue diamond worth several million dollars.Mind you, that’s millions of dollars over 30 years ago.Back in Thailand, He spent a lot of time peddling stolen goods, but the guy was so bad at it, he sold most of the jewelry for cabbages, and the buyer was a profiteer named Sandy.After the incident was exposed, the Saudi royal family was furious and requested Thailand to thoroughly investigate the case, and also sent Saudi diplomat Kuga as a representative to supervise the whole process of handling the case.As a result of the joint efforts of both parties, Jiangkelet was arrested in January 1990.According to His confession, the Thai police recovered most of the jewelry and cash, including most of the jewelry sold to Sadie.In order to show the importance of the Saudi royal family, the Thai government also held a ceremony to return the stolen goods in the presence of Kuga.After only a week, however, It became clear that the number of pieces was not correct, but that 75 percent of the pieces returned were fakes made of artificial stone and glass, and that the priceless blue diamond was nowhere to be found.The House of Saud is more unhappy, you can’t find it, it’s a matter of competence;Find a bunch of fake ones to fool me with. That’s attitude.Even more bizarre, they discovered in the photos that a Necklace worn by the wife of a Thai police officer was almost identical to the one the prince had lost.Boy, don’t play inside and out.So the house of Saud, no longer trusting the Thai police, sent three more diplomats and a businessman to Thailand to investigate the case.Then something even stranger happened. The three diplomats were murdered on the streets of Bangkok shortly after they arrived in Thailand. A few days later, the businessmen disappeared and were never seen again.The House of Saud was more convinced that the Thai government was involved and that the lost jewels would probably never be recovered, rather than sent to retrieve them from high-ranking Thai officials.The Saudi royal family also secretly commissioned the C.I.A. to investigate the case, according to people familiar with the matter, but nothing came of it.The lesson of this story is that the CIA will look into anyone’s case if the money is in place.Under the pressure of all parties in the international community, the Thai government had to continue to investigate, more and more people involved in the mysterious death of Sandy’s wife and children, autopsy report to write the cause of death is a car accident, but someone found that the two people were killed first, and then was disguised as accidental death.The killer was none other than The Thai police officer who had investigated the jewel theft. According to Thailand, Charrol and Sandy swapped the jewels together and then killed him.Later, four of Charrol’s men confessed that charrol had ordered them to kill Sandy’s family, and that they had not killed Sandy because they wanted to “warn him” not to speak out.He was originally sentenced to 20 years in prison, but a Thai court dropped the charges against him and his lieutenants in 2014 because of insufficient evidence.Foreign media believe that the case behind the deep water, involving many senior Thai officials, and Charall knows too much, after release will have to live on tenterhooks.In short, the matter is still open.The number of Thais in Saudi Arabia dropped from more than 200,000 to less than 10,000 in 1990, when Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Thailand and stopped issuing work visas to Thai workers.Since then, Thailand’s economy has taken a huge hit, with billions of dollars in lost trade and tourism revenue already exceeding the value of the stolen jewels.”If I had known how valuable the jewels were, I would never have stolen them,” He said in an interview after his release.Since I’ve been in prison, every day has been scary, and there must be a lot of people who want me dead.But if Thailand’s powerful people had not intervened, it would not have become such a big deal.In 2016, seeing through the world of mortals, Jiangkelai decided to become a monk and gave himself the strange dharma name, which means “hard as a diamond”.Now, with the help of the Thai government, Saudi Arabia has decided to put aside past grudges and restore normal diplomatic relations.This paragraph sensate the bizarre public crime of the whole world, be like to have come to an end, nevertheless, want blue diamond to be not found one day only, uncertain which day can explode a thunder again.