A set of gold jewelry connects two generations

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Li Jun (Tianjin) Every mother’s death day, I often take out a set of gold jewelry placed in her portrait before, golden earrings, rings in the purple red velvet jewelry box foil, appear solemn, generous, wealth, mother was very fond of it, fondly.The gold jewelry, worth 4,070 yuan, is expensive for her mother, who has no pension and is reluctant to spend money on it.If mom didn’t buy it herself, who did?To be exact, this set of gold jewelry was a birthday gift that Xuguang brother gave to his 93-year-old mother on September 14, 2016 in the cardiology Ward of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital.What is the relationship between brother Rising light and mother?Why give mom such an expensive gift?Let me take my time.Life love beautiful, beautiful mother, suction oxygen, transfusion liquid, bedside monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation data suggest that mother’s life is in danger, may leave us at any time.At this critical moment, The younger brother of the rising light met my family on the road, only to know that she was in hospital, critically ill.He immediately turned away from his to-do list and rushed to the hospital to visit my mother.In the process of visiting his mother, he heard that his mother could not find the original gold jewelry, so he did not wear it on his birthday. He immediately went to the international shopping mall near the hospital, carefully selected this set of exquisite gold jewelry for his mother, and gave it as a birthday gift to his mother, who had no blood relationship.My mother, who was critically ill, seemed better that day than usual. The attending doctor and the head nurse allowed us to celebrate my mother’s birthday in the ward and asked us to keep our voices down so as not to affect other patients.Mother’s son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter…There are rising light brother, around the mother’s hospital bed, gently sing: “HAPPY birthday to you!Happy birthday…”Flowers, wine, peaches, chocolates, cashmere sweaters, red envelopes, and this set of gold jewelry filled the small table on my mother’s hospital bed.My mother got this set of beautifully made gold jewelry at her 93rd birthday dinner. I couldn’t hide my inner joy. I bent down to hold her left ring finger and gently put on the golden ring.I wiped the tears from her eyes for my mother, she raised her head and shook her left hand and asked: “Is it nice?”The children and grandchildren answered in unison: “Beautiful!How nice!”Then I put on the gold earrings for her.Then she held up the mirror and showed it to her mother. She nodded with satisfaction and said, “The gold earrings are bigger than the original ones, and they look nice too.”Then mother took the hand of the younger brother and shook it and said, “Thank you, my son, for giving me such a valuable gift!”Xuguang brother immediately responded: “Aunt, since childhood you have given us clothes to wear, cooking to eat, that winter we both still wearing pants, shivering, is you overnight with your clothes to do two cotton pants, early in the morning sent to let us wear in the leg warm in the heart, your kindness we can not forget ah!”After saying this, The younger brother said: “The difficult days have passed. Although I have been laid off, I have worked hard to start my own business with both hands, and my life is still bearable.In the future, when you earn more money, you can buy more gold jewelry. We will be happy as long as you live a long life.”The true feelings of the younger brother of the sun said the mother’s eyes were red again, I quickly held out the mother’s great-granddaughter Yanan bought “Shoubi Nanshan” birthday cake, lit 10 candles please mother make a wish.Mother said: “MAY my eldest daughter recover early, early to come to see me…”Mother’s wish said to cry every family member present, but no one dared to answer the question.The room was quiet except for the drip of liquid from the infusion bottle.Everyone here knows that my mother’s eldest daughter, my only sister, died of illness on October 23, 2015.We have been hiding the news from her old people, because no one dared to say to her mother in her ninth decade, with sister in Jixian accident hospitalized lie from her mother.For a time sadness enveloped in the mother’s ward, it was the head nurse came in to give her blessing to alleviate the predicament.The head nurse and the head of the department, Dr. Bian Bo, walked into the ward with a smile on their faces to send birthday wishes to the terminally ill mother.See the rescuer came, my mother quickly called us to cut the cake, sent to the attending doctor, head nurse, medical staff on duty, thank the angel in white warm service.The mother ostentatiously held up her left hand to show medical staff the gold ring on her ring finger and turned away to look at her gold earrings.My mother’s mischievous smile made us temporarily forget her condition: “Heart failure, respiratory failure, renal failure caused by 75% of the broken valvular cords of the heart…”She thought that after her 93rd birthday, her mother would recover and be home for the New Year.However, the ferocious disease did not let our wishes come true, and the medical staff of cardiology, cardiac surgery, nephrology, respiratory, emergency room and other departments coordinated rescue for 78 days. (We were admitted to the emergency room on October 9, 2016, and transferred to the ward of cardiology one week later. On November 5, 2016, our condition was relieved and we were discharged.After discharge, outpatient medicine collection and comprehensive treatment by family doctor in Nanyingmen Hospital.)My dear mother, the mother who gave birth to me and raised me, stopped breathing, heartbeat and thought four days before the New Year’s Day of 2017. She rode a crane to the west to join her eldest daughter and her husband in heaven.Winter overcast for more than 20 days in the sky, scattered with snow, snow, the sky suddenly cleared up.Mother is 5:30 p.m., the sunset has fallen down the mountain, leaving only a touch of purple glow, reflected in the mother’s platform, blooming on the platform of a thousand purple flowers, slightly bow toward the mother’s funeral seems to give the master off, these flowers are not expensive but spiritual.They day and night accompany in the mother’s side, to the old mother bring joy and happiness!Having worked in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia for many years away from home, I once wrote an essay titled “Flowers are mother’s children” in the special edition of Tianjin Daily.Now, flowers in, but my mother left me.I felt more lonely, helpless and sad than I had ever felt before.I kowtow to my mother’s portrait with flowers in my hands, flowers accompany me to send my mother on a long journey, tears streaming down my cheeks soaked in my clothes…After taking care of his mother’s affairs, he walked through the snow and braved the cold wind for 39 days, accompanied by his elder brother and his lover, and went to the home of His younger brother.My mother entrusted me at the end of her life: “Carefully select 2 cashmere scarves for Rising Light and Xu Qing to keep out the cold.”The cashmere scarf carries mother’s love and is wrapped around the necks of Xuguang and Xuqing to warm their hearts.I calm the mood, solemnly from the backpack to take out the set to bring mother joy and glory of the jewelry box said: “Rising light, in accordance with my mother’s will, the original back please accept, keep as a permanent memorial.”With that, I sent the jewel box to The hands of the younger brother of the rising Light.Brother Rising light took the jewel box with tears in his eyes. After thinking for a while, he said, “Aunt has left. If you give it back to me, I will take it and it belongs to me, and I have the right to deal with it.My brother and I nodded and got up to leave.Xu Guang’s brother stopped me and said, “My aunt and my mother are stepsisters. When they were alive, our families spent the turbulent days of the Cultural Revolution, going to the countryside and the earthquake together.I joined the army and my brother went to work.I endured the tragic deaths of my father and mother from cancer.We are not family more than family.If big sister is alive, I will give it to big sister. Now big sister is gone, I will give it to little sister, you leave a memory.”He put the jewel box back in my hand.For a time, I dizzy, do not know what to say?My husband, who was standing behind me, poked me and said, “Xu Guangdi says so, you can take it. From now on, we will still be blood relatives.”The younger brother of the rising light replied, “Yes, my brother-in-law is right. From now on, we will still be relatives without blood ties!”In tears, I put away my jewelry and went home.Along the way, my husband and I reminisced.It has been 45 years since we met and married.Over the years, he had seen the rising Light family and my mother’s neighborhood as close as the sea.Since he married me, every year on the second day of the first lunar month, first to my aunt and uncle, and then back to my mother’s home for dinner, for decades without interruption.Poor years we back from Inner Mongolia millet, potatoes, beef and mutton, liquor, the first time to sun Aunt home, in our eyes simple good neighbor Sun aunt is our aunt.In those years, aunt Sun and uncle also tried their best to take care of the widowed mother, and whatever delicious food was cooked at home would be sent to her while it was hot…The two families help and support each other through the difficulties of life, forming a deep friendship.Now, the two old people are gone, leaving the children is endless yearning and good family tradition.Brother Xu Guang, who served in the Navy submarine for many years, has inherited his parents’ “kindness and integrity of communist Party members”, and has been “helping and loving each other” with us to carry forward the spiritual wealth left to us by the older generation.Later, this set of gold jewelry became my spiritual pillar. Whenever I met with difficulties and felt helpless, I would take them out and feel a warm current flowing from my heart when HOLDING them in my arms. With my brother Rising Light, who had been a soldier for many years, I was not lonely.In my eyes, the value of this gold jewelry is much more than it is, much more than the price of gold that day, and its value cannot be measured in money.If, when mother was alive, it satisfied the old man’s love of beauty;Well, after mom died, it carried forward the good family tradition and human friendship.Especially in the focus on family tradition, the construction of a harmonious society today, it into the bond of friendship and affection, no blood relations we closely linked together, hand in hand forward, forward!Towards the good life, always forward!Li Jun li Jun, female, born in 1952.Pseudonyms Simeng, Wandi, member of the Communist Party of China, practicing physician, psychological consultant, the third session of educated youth.He has been a doctor and teacher in the affiliated hospital of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities for many years.Now he is a member of Tianjin Writers Association, tianjin Prose Research Association, heping District writers Association, standing director of Tianjin Mental Health Association and other social positions.He has participated in the national essay competition and won the second prize, participated in provincial and district essay competition and won many awards, his literary works have been published in tianjin Daily, Jin Evening News, Middle-aged and elderly Times, Tianjin Veteran cadres and other media.Guest host for emotion column of many media, and guest for life lecture hall of Tianjin TV station and Tianjin People’s Broadcasting Station.Now he is working in Tianjin Tiantai Hospital.