Transport authorities have set up a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival travel rush

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People’s Daily Online Beijing, February 19 (reporter Wang Lianxiang) From The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the Spring Festival travel special class learned that On February 18 (the 33rd day of the Spring Festival travel rush), the country is expected to send 30.21 million passengers, including 7 million railway passengers, 21.5 million highway passengers, 420,000 water passengers and 1.29 million civil aviation passengers.The estimated traffic volume of expressways nationwide is 29.603 million.In response to sporadic OUTBREAKS of COVID-19 in various regions, transport authorities have strengthened overall planning to build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival travel rush.Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration, The General Station of Exit and Entry Border Inspection, Nanning Customs and other departments have formed a special team to guarantee the crew shift work of international sailing ships to ensure that the crew shift should be changed quickly and treated quickly.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration guaranteed the shift of 39 ships and 365 crew members of international ships, and assisted 22 injured sailors to get ashore treatment.Jiangsu province transportation hall classified management of staff travel, strengthening the control of imported goods, the freight transportation equipment disinfection kill, nucleic acid sample testing work, in the bus, high-speed, airport, port, high-speed service area is important to implement prevention measures “including disinfection, ventilation, key monitoring over the health of the high-risk personnel earnestly epidemic prevention and control work.All passenger stations in Songyuan, Jilin, have implemented epidemic prevention measures such as code scanning, registration, temperature measurement, disinfection and ventilation, set up drop-off areas for passengers, and implemented landing separation policy for passengers from other provinces and other places. Temperature measurement and disinfection of station staff are managed daily through the station management system to ensure the safety of station staff.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: