Husband and wife quarrel set fire to the home endangering public safety and was punished

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Source: Procuratorial Daily original title: husband and wife conflict set fire to the house endangering public security was punished procuratorial Daily reporter Zhang An correspondent Chen Yungang Luolu/text woman Ma mou because of quarrel with her husband, angry set fire to the house after leaving, seriously endangering public security.Recently, guizhou Province zunyi City Huichuan District procuratorate filed a public prosecution, the court sentenced the defendant to three years in prison for arson, suspended for four years.At 3 am on September 8, 2021, Ma had an argument with her husband.In order to vent dissatisfaction, Ma mou in its housing implementation hit the vase, knife cut TV and other behavior.Ma then lit three coils of mosquito coil incense with a lighter and threw them directly onto the bed in the bedroom, causing the sheets and quilt covers to catch fire.Ma still let the fire burn after the discovery, then slowly to the gate of the community to borrow the security call, and then slowly back to the fire, resulting in the fire expansion, smoke everywhere, endangering public safety.It was not until the fire brigade and the public security organs arrived at the scene that the fire was extinguished, resulting in direct property losses of 32,900 yuan.After examination, the procuratorial organ thinks ma mou because of husband and wife conflict, to vent anger intentionally set fire in the home, and let the fire spread, endangering the life of the non-specific majority of people, health safety and the safety of major public and private property, its behavior has violated the criminal law, should pursue its criminal responsibility with the crime of setting fire.Responsible editor: Yin Wenzhuo