Champions League: Sporting Lisbon VS Manchester City: can the Kings of the group stage thrash Cristiano Ronaldo’s home side?

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1/8 04:00 in the champions league final first leg sporting Lisbon VS Manchester city sporting Lisbon is the champion of the Portuguese league last season, as the traditional one of three big sporting Lisbon, Portugal in recent years the domestic league has always been suppressed, Porto and benfica to counter attack Portuguese championship last season, with excellent team defensive ability,In fact, Sporting Lisbon’s offensive ability is not as good as Porto’s in Portuguese Super League, but its defense is very stable. In many matches last season, Lisbon won 1-0, which was very affordable. From the performance, Although Lisbon won the league last season, it is not the dominant team in Portuguese Super League.Back in the Champions League, Lisbon was in the same group as Borussia Dortmund, Ajax and Besiktas, and finally reached the round of 16. In fact, ajax’s strong assists and Borussia Dortmund’s drop had a lot to do with it.Sporting Lisbon important injured: sal wes Manchester city’s premier league leader, 11 points ahead, defense and offense are first, the city most is their ability to control field and the stability of defense, nearly 10 7 games rivals, and their offensive rhythm, but due to road Manchester city will be affected.The champions league knockout draw on Manchester city to sporting Lisbon is drew on the sign, sporting Lisbon in the champions league last 16, has absolute power is located in the middle and lower reaches, the gap between Manchester city and is also very obvious, Manchester city whether it’s worth or team strength is far better than the opponent, as long as they can play their normal level,There is absolutely no problem in getting through the competition.City’s key injuries: Jesus, Gralish, Palmer;Walker suspended Portugal Sports after winning 3-3 in group games, including a home defeat to Dortmund;City won 4-0 at Norwich last time and have won nine of their last 10 games in all competitions.The two sides met in Europa League in 2012 when each won at home.Manchester City have been the best club in world football in the last decade and have won every club trophy in England but the Champions League.Manchester City have been the favourites to win the Champions League in recent years, but have failed in the knockout stages every time, and in the group stage they have been crowned champions league champions.Portuguese team are still a little bad, but hit the sake of their next champions league game is lack of competitiveness, the group before the Portuguese benfica butchered by bayern twice, bayern Munich and Manchester city’s style is similar, are both offense and defense are the top team, playing some second-rate team (such as flow) of Barcelona and benfica is finishing.Is also a Portuguese compatriot team, I believe that a friendly sporting Lisbon would absorb the experiences and lessons of benfica beat bayern Munich or honestly sneaky, completes the defense is the way of light, dozen open play is really a little chance to all have no, sporting Lisbon in the Portuguese league this season’s performance is very good, they in the league in the defensive end data well,On the contrary, the performance of the offensive end can only be regarded as average.Manchester city’s away performance is relatively general, especially away from the attack to meet the weak team is a little difficult to do, the first leg of this service because there is no home and away goals of the rules, this field is optimistic about the two sides cautious, suggested to consider small points.Stats: Minor 3 Competition Prize: Total goals 123 Score reference: 0-2, 1-2