Yanliang District xinxing Street: Strengthen agricultural products detection to ensure the safety of the masses “tip of the tongue”

2022-06-09 0 By

Food is the life of the people, food to safety first.In order to continuously improve the quality and safety level of agricultural products and ensure the safety of the masses, Xinxing Street, Yanliang District, Xi ‘an city actively carries out the quality and safety testing of agricultural products, and fully guards the bottom line of quality and safety of agricultural products for the masses.In order to comprehensively eliminate the quality and safety risks of agricultural products, let the masses eat cabbage, in the early spring vegetables on the market, xinxing street organized agricultural inspection cadres to go deep into the fields, vegetable greenhouses, acquisition points to collect agricultural inspection samples, the results of the day.At the same time, we have actively publicized the quality and safety of agricultural products and other relevant laws and regulations to promote the use of low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides to comprehensively ensure the safety of our vegetable basket.Sixteen samples, including zucchini, Cabbage and cabbage, were collected, with a pass rate of 100%.According to the xinxing street related person in charge of introduction, this year the area of early spring vegetables cumulative planting 8026 mu, is expected to yield 5510 tons, 52.8 million yuan of economic benefits, planting early spring vegetables has become an important way for the emerging masses to get rich.In the next step, we will continue to strengthen the quality and safety testing of agricultural products, expand the coverage of sampling inspections, increase the frequency and quantity of sampling inspections, and protect the safety of the majority of people.Editor: Zhou Fengchuan